Modi Meets Trump Memes

Best Of Modi Meets Trump Memes

Don’t you just love internet? It can make anything funny. In a world without internet, Prime Minister Modi’s visit to the United States of America to meet President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump wouldn’t be this big a deal. But we live in a world with the incredible internet, and this meeting became a huge deal. Twitter sure loves to keep the entertainment flowing. There were many memes made that turned another boring Tuesday into a hilarious one. Here are some of the best Modi meets Trump memes. Enjoy!

1. Modi’s love for India is quite visible. 

2. Kejriwal aka stalker.

3. When bae is ignorant.

4. No comments.

5. Okay, this one’s really funny.

6. Can you leave?

7. It’s a real struggle.

8. Politics 101.

9. Bromance goals. 

10. The heart wants what it wants. 

11. Modi will win, for sure. 

12. Lead character in Baahubali 3. 

Modi and Trump are #RelationshipGoals. 

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