Why Mumbai will spoil you forever

Why Mumbai will spoil you forever

‘The city of dreams’, what Mumbai is referred to as is definitely a city where dreams come true. From the city itself to the people who live here, there’s something magical about this city that’ll make you never want to leave it and go. Once you’ve lived here, no other city is good enough. As an ode to one of the best cities in the world, we discuss why Mumbai will spoil your forever –

1. Transport

Everyone living in Mumbai is used to reaching places quickly. The transport facility offered by Mumbai is definitely one of the most swift and easy To understand. Autos, government buses and the most popular of all, local trains are spread throughout the city making it easier for commuters to travel. There’s traffic of course, and the rush in local trains, but you’ve got to compromise somewhere. When you relocate to a new city, the most common complain is the amount of hours wasted in travelling.

Why Mumbai will spoil you forever

2. People

Mumbaikars are the most chill people in the entire universe, without a doubt. They’re too busy into themselves, they never have time to worry about others. If you’ve ever had the opportunity to know a Mumbaikar, you’ll know how they don’t have too many complaints with life. They’re happy with whatever little they have and are always ready to share. Don’t get them wrong, life is hard for them too, they just have a well developed coping mechanism.

Why Mumbai will spoil you forever

3. Food

Mumbai has to offer some mouth-watering delicacies that people are crazy for. It’s also a place where you’ll never sleep hungry as long as you have 10 rupees in your pocket. Yes, our city takes care of everyone. Vada Pav, the staple diet of Mumbaikars is available almost everywhere for just 10 rupees, and you see people of all classes enjoying it equally.

Why Mumbai will spoil you forever

4. Vibes

Ask someone who has lived in Mumbai and had to relocate, they’ll tell you how you can never take Mumbai out of them. There’s something about the city that makes you love it for how it is. Maybe it’s the people, or the fast-moving nature of the city, you can always feel at home and at ease in this city. You get these positive vibes from this city, where you don’t need to pretend to be someone you’re not.

Why Mumbai will spoil you forever

5. Opportunities

People come to Mumbai in search of better opportunities as it’s the economic capital of India. Business, Bollywood, MNCs, there’s nothing Mumbai doesn’t offer. Even today, many people come from different parts of India to have a better standard of living. As long as you have the will to survive and just the right amount of talent, you’re perfect to be a part of the city which has fulfilled a million dreams.

Why Mumbai will spoil you forever

6. Language

There’s no ‘aap’ and ‘tum’ in Mumbai. It’s ‘tu’ and ‘boss’, the only two words you need to address people. You don’t have to say a lot to live in the city, people know what you’re trying to convey as they’ve been you once upon a time. Want a cab? Just stretch your arms and you have one. Want to get down at a station, just say ‘boss’ and people will make for you. The less you speak, the more you have conveyed. Nobody has time for essays in Mumbai.

Why Mumbai will spoil you forever

7. Location

An island like city situated near the Arabian Sea, Mumbai’s location is one of the reasons why the city is loved so much. Beautiful seaside view at Marine Drive, Bandstand, Juhu Beach, Gateway of India, among others are perfect places for taking a break from life. Just get to these places, stand in front of the wide sea, forget all your problems and surrounded yourself with the calmness of the sea.

Why Mumbai will spoil you forever

8. Monsoon

‘Bombay Ki Baarish’, as it’s called is the most beautiful thing on earth. Monsoon is the happiest time in Mumbai where people instead of worrying about getting wet, get themselves drenched in the rain. Monsoon in Mumbai and Kanda Bhajiya is the best combination to date. It’s not too much, not too less, just the perfect amount to bring happiness in a city that just needs another reason to celebrate.

Why Mumbai will spoil you forever

9. Festivities

With so many people coming in Mumbai to live their dream, the city has a huge cultural diversity. From Eid, to Christmas, there’s not a festival that isn’t celebrated in its full spirit in Mumbai. People of all castes and religions gather around to celebrate togetherness. When you see a Christian chanting ‘Ganpati Bappa Morya’ and grooving to the tunes of Nasik Dhol, you know you’re living in Mumbai.

Why Mumbai will spoil you forever
Aamchi Mumbai forever!

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