Foods That Taste Best In Monsoon

Foods That Taste Best In Monsoon

Not that eating is an activity only restricted to the rainy season, because there’s a lot of food we’d be missing out on if that was a thing, but some things taste extra delicious in the monsoons. Maybe it’s the weather, or just a psychological misconception, but it really happens. Here are some of the foods that taste best in monsoon –

Anything fried
Bhajiya, vada, samosa, bread pakoda, name any fried delicacy that wouldn’t taste a 100 times better on a perfect rainy day. Sitting by your window, watching rain dripping from the skies, you just need a perfect plate of fried food to munch on.

Foods That Taste Best In Monsoon

Bhel puri
Not just bhel puri, any chat compliments the weather perfectly. If you don’t want to do a lot of work but still want to enjoy munchies whilst watching the perfect weather, bhel puri is what you should make. It’s quite easy and delicious, too.

Foods That Taste Best In Monsoon

Aloo ka paratha
To be honest, this delicacy can be enjoyed any season of the year. Aloo ka paratha is a dish that never fails at being tasty. But in the rainy season, it’s taste enhances, to make it even more better, if that’s even possible. Don’t forget to garnish it with butter, it’s necessary to do that.

Foods That Taste Best In Monsoon

Again, perfectly to drool over all the months of the year, but they taste so much better in rainy season. Momos with the perfect garlic sauce/chutney is what you need on a rainy day. Momos are the best thing to happen to humanity.

Foods That Taste Best In Monsoon

Roasted sweet corn
And lastly, the best thing to have in monsoons is bhutta (roasted sweet corn) with lemon and salt. This right here is what heaven must be made up of. If you’ve not had bhutta sitting by the beach when it’s raining, you’re not living life to the fullest, man.

Foods That Taste Best In Monsoon

And a cup of warm coffee to go with them.

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