Living with a Maharashtrian roommate

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Maharashtrians are one of the few communities in India that know how to celebrate themselves on a grand scale. From food to festivals, there’s nothing the Maharashtrians can’t do. This, and their undying spirit is what makes them beautiful. When you live with a Maharashtrian, you’re in for a real treat in almost all aspects. Here’s what it’s like to be living with a Maharashtrian roommate –

1. Conversing in Marathi

Marathi is a fun language. You may not know a single word properly, but you make sure that you speak a whole sentence in front of them just to see them get irritated. They’ll cringe at all your “ikade tikade”, explain you for the 100th time that it’s not pronounced like that and watch you deliberately make the mistake again to see them irritated. You try inculcating Marathi in all the sentences making an absolute mess of the language but they never get offended.

Living with a Maharashtrian roommate

2. Swearing in Marathi

Everyone gets pissed frequently for some or the other reason. This especially happens when the restaurant fucks up your order or someone you don’t like excels in life. In situations like these, where you would normally say “fuck it”, your Marathi roommate goes desi. They’ll constantly use words like ‘chamiala’, ‘ticha a**a’, ‘maushi chi *****’ among other things. When you start living with them, you get into a habit of using ‘fuck’ less and these words more.

Living with a Maharashtrian roommate

3. Ganpati

Like Navratri is for Gujaratis, a carnival where they get to enjoy life to the fullest, Ganpati is for Maharashtrians. When you live with a Maharashtrian roommate, you start following the custom of bringing Lord Ganesha at home. If you have never done it before, you realize it’s such an awesome way of celebrating religion. From the food to the dance at Visarjan, your roommate teaches you the authentic Maharashtrian way of celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi which you had only seen in movies.

Living with a Maharashtrian roommate

4. Food

The staple diet of Maharashtra, the Vada Pav, is not only filling but a lip smacking delicacy that you had never tasted until your roommate happened. Vada Pav is talked about everywhere in India, even the world and it is when you start living with a Maharashtrian roommate, you realize what you had been missing all your life. Not only the Vada Pav,  Maharashtrian cuisine has blessed food lovers with many mouth-watering delicacies like Misal, Usal, Pav Bhaji and Puran poli.

Living with a Maharashtrian roommate

5. Music

You must be living under a rock if you haven’t heard the eardrum exploding Zinghat. The Maharashtrians have given us some energizing tracks that you will only come to know if you start living with a Maharashtrian roommate. Most of the time you’ll find them grooving to the beats all alone, and once you start opening up, they get you to join the Maharashtrian music fandom. In no time, you’ll be guilty of playing Zinghat, Shanta Bai and Zau Dya Na Ghari at parties.

Living with a Maharashtrian roommate

6. Best People

If you need a proof that humanity still exists, Maharashtrians are the perfect example. In times of happiness and tragedy, you’ll always see them standing hand to hand ready to fight all obstacles. Coming from the land of such people, your Maharashtrian roommate is the same. They’ll never give up on things easily and encourage you as well. You can always be your own self around them as they don’t hide away from showing who they are. They are not only friends, they become family.

Living with a Maharashtrian roommate

Tumhi khoop chhaan aahe!

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