Why bachelorhood is the best stage of one’s life

Unquestionably, bachelorhood is the best thing that happens to our lives. Who doesn’t like living in a carefree world, far away from all the responsibilities with no one to worry about except oneself?

Although it isn’t any easy with all the workload and the nomadic lifestyle, bachelorhood still successfully brings out the best in us. Here are six reasons why bachelorhood is the best stage of one’s life :

  1. Everything is yours

That TV show you wanted to see, that pizza you ordered, that favorite sweatshirt to bought, it’s all yours. You can watch the TV the whole day, eat the whole goddamn pizza and use the sweatshirt anytime you want to.

You are not expected to share anything at all. Believe it or not, this is the best feeling ever. To not have to share your things with anyone is something that should make one feel blessed.


2. No responsibility

One thing that you don’t have to be when you’re a bachelor, is responsible. You can work and chill, and chill and work, and not give a damn about anything else. The only person you have to look after is yourself, which is pretty easy because we know exactly what we want.

It is easy to fulfill one’s needs and very difficult to fulfill another’s. But when you’re a bachelor, you just have to think about yourself and nobody else.


3. Not answerable to anybody

“Why are you up so late?”, “Why didn’t you pay the bills?”, “Why aren’t you at work today?”, asked nobody to a bachelor because he/she can do whatever they want without being burdened by a thousand questions.

This is the most important benefit of being a bachelor, you don’t owe any explanation to anybody and for once in life, you can make your own decisions without regretting them.


4. Money

When you’re not a bachelor, the extra money you have left after paying all the expenses, you have the freedom to spend it on yourself. The shoes you like, that dress you always wanted, that expensive bag you had been saving for, you can buy them all without giving it a single thought.

All that hard earned money can for once be used by you on you without anybody pointing it out that money doesn’t grow on trees. Pretty amazing, eh?


5. Undivided attention to work

You can stay up all night, doing those extra hours, making that extra money without having to think about someone waiting for you back at home. This is not only liberating but also makes you concentrate on work a lot better.

This is when you can start getting productive without having worries regarding anything. You can give your undivided attention to work and get that promotion for yourself because you worked hard for it.


6. Lifestyle

When you’re a bachelor, you absolutely do not have to worry about the kind of lifestyle you lead. You can live with your friends, or in any rented apartment with roommates.

You can work in the night and sleep during the day and not have a bath for two days straight without anyone questioning your lifestyle. You have the freedom to make your own rules and listen to yourself.


Bachelorhood is that stage of life which decides what our futures are going to be. This is our growing period and we can absolutely own it all by ourselves.

Fun along with having the ability to take better life decisions is what this stage is all about.

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