Things Every Bachelor Needs

Things Every Bachelor Needs

When it comes to responsibilities, bachelors are probably not too interested. Staying alone doesn’t mean being able to do everything alone, it means not doing them altogether. But there are certain things that you have to do, no matter what. Following are things every bachelor needs to survive effectively –

1. Phone numbers

A bachelor with a lot of phone numbers can get done a lot of things that we can’t do. In this world of technology, things are just a phone call away. Why waste time buying groceries, getting food and running other errands when you can do it over the phone? Life is sorted when you have the right numbers that get done all kinds of things.

Things Every Bachelor Needs


2. Chores hacks

Expecting bachelors to do anything is a waste of time. They don’t care about dishes or dirty floors. If someone’s coming over, they don’t want to spend hours cleaning the apartment, unless it’s someone special (maybe not even then). They need to have daily chores hacks with them to simplify the amount of work and minimize work.

Things Every Bachelor Needs

3. Alcohol

What if you suddenly decide to throw a party midweek? What is your friends show up? What if you need a drink to make yourself believe that you’re going to get through the day? Alcohol is always needed, no matter what day. Stacking them up on a weekly basis is something every bachelor needs to do in order to survive the weekdays and party on weekends.

Things Every Bachelor Needs

4. Food

When you’re a bachelor, you don’t like to move around a lot. Food should come to you, you shouldn’t be going to the food. If that doesn’t happen, you’ll go to bed hungry, you don’t really care. Which is why every bachelor needs food around their comfort zone so that they don’t have to work too hard for finding it. Food is a necessity.

Things Every Bachelor Needs

5. Reminders

As established before, it’s hard to remember things, especially for people who have so much to do in life. Every bachelor needs a constant reminder in human form. They need someone to tell them from time to time as to what they’re supposed to do. This is why moms, sisters, and girlfriends play an important role in their life.

Things Every Bachelor Needs

It’s too much pressure.

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