Signs That Potato Is Your Soulmate

Signs That Potato Is Your Soulmate

If you know that potatoes are more important than people, you’ve figured out everything in life. Potatoes are the best. There’s nothing bad that comes out of potatoes. Fries, chips, wedges, you name it, they’re there for everything. If you’re a lover, here are the signs that potato is your soulmate –

1. You’ve never felt that great about people like you do about potatoes. You always choose the latter because they are more trustworthy than people.

2. There’s so much potatoes have to offer. But with people it’s only betrayal, heartbreak and lies. You’d rather eat potatoes until death comes.

Signs That Potato Is Your Soulmate

3. Your happiness comes from potatoes. There’s not a moment you remember where you’ve cried after potatoes arrived. Potato loves you right back.

4. Whenever you’re sad or feeling too critical about yourself, potatoes calm you do. In whatever form you love them, they’re there for you.

Signs That Potato Is Your Soulmate

5. You talk about potatoes more than anything. At a point you have started feeling that you’re obsessed, but you’re kind of okay with being that.

6. You like potatoes in all their forms. It’s like being in love with someone for you. You accept potatoes in any way they present themselves. That’s beautiful.

Signs That Potato Is Your Soulmate

7. Your date night means a packet of chips of a bowl of fries, paired with wine sitting in front of a television. You have dates with potatoes, not human beings.

8. You don’t need an occasion to celebrate potatoes. You just need potatoes. Your dates with potatoes does not need any special day. The connection is always there.

Signs That Potato Is Your Soulmate

9. With people you have a love-hate relationship. But with potatoes, it’s always love-love. There’s no hate. It’s a happy relationships throughout.

10. No matter what people have said about being there for you, none of them have stayed. But potatoes, they never made promises. But they’ve always stayed.

Signs That Potato Is Your Soulmate

Potato love is pure love.

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