Beyond The Wall Review

GOT Season 7: Beyond The Wall Review

Game of Thrones is getting closer to the end with each passing episode and the episodes keep getting fiery as hell. Beyond The Wall was an absolute treat to the eyes, perfectly balancing the story line and getting everyone to the war that really matters. There’s a lot to talk about, so without further ado, let’s get right into Beyond The Wall review, the latest episode of Game Of Thrones Season 7 –

Suicide Squad
The DC universe wasn’t able to put together a suicide squad as savage as this one. Jon Snow, Tormund, The Brotherhood Without Banners, The Hound and Gendry came together to capture a wight to present to Cersei and make her agree to fight the war against this one common enemy. We don’t know how some of the most sane people in Westeros even agreed to do that, but it sure gave us the chills, even when we weren’t really there. They did capture a wight, losing Thoros in the mission, but ended up being surrounded by the Night King’s army in the middle of a frozen sea. Everything happened so fast after that, with Gendry being sent to send a raven to Dany from Eastwatch, that they might be needing her help after all, and the Wights attacking the living who are huge in number.

Beyond The Wall Review

Dany to the rescue
Enter, the savage lady with three dragons, and the battlefield got even more feisty. What a treat to the eyes it is to watch the Mother of Dragons slaying the war game with her children. It should be noted here that the ravens in Westeros are doing a pretty good job at this stage. Delivering messages at lightning fast speed, the raven sent from Eastwatch arrives at Dragonstone where Dany realises she needs to help Jon Snow. Going against the advice given to her by Tyrion to stay back and not risk her life like this, Dany decides she needs to help the suicide squad. And oh my god, that help just blew our brains out. Riding on Drogon, she and her dragons burnt the Wights to the ground, and took the surviving members of suicide squad back to Eastwatch, except Jon.

Beyond The Wall Review

The lone wolf dies
Jon has never been the one to run away from danger. He, in fact, has always walked into danger in his senses,ready to accept come what may, even if it’s going to result in his death. When the other left on Drogon, Jon stayed behind to kill as many Wights as he could, even the Night King if he could. Dany gives him that “what an idiot!” kind of look, but the King in the North is hellbent on saving the world. While the others leave, he fights the White Walkers all by himself, nearly drowning in the ice cold sea. Just when we thought this is the last of Jon we’re ever going to see on this show, Uncle Benjen saves the day. He tells Jon to ride back his horse to Eastwatch, while he fights the Wights with all his might. However, this was the last we saw of Benjen Stark, the lone wolf who died.

The Lone Wolf Dies

Sister trouble?
With chaos happening beyond the wall, things aren’t going too great at Winterfell. Sansa’s letter that she sent out to Robb in after being forced by Cersei is now with Arya. She blames Sansa for Ned Stark’s death and tells her how she may or may not show the letter to Jon. Sansa, not knowing what to do, asks Littlefinger for advice who tells him to send Brienne away first and then decide what she wants to do. Doing exactly what Littlefinger asked, she sends Brienne away to King’s Landing. In a somewhat creepy confrontation when Sansa sees various faces in Arya’s bag, Arya tells Sansa tries to explain her journey of becoming a no one. But she also kinda threatens to kill Sansa, which was weird. She doesn’t say it out loud, or directly threaten her, but it was sure she wants to kill someone. Is this all a part of plan to kill Baelish, or are both the sisters really at loggerheads with each other? We’ve got to wait for the season finale.

Beyond The Wall Review

Jon + Dany?
Jon returns to Eastwatch in the same episode, much to Dany’s delight as she was waiting eagerly for him to come back. She may not know it yet but we fans know that she likes him, especially after seeing him bravely fight the Wights alone. Her happiness knows no bounds when she finally sees him arrive on the horse. Jon is wounded, and when she sees him bare chested, resting on the bed, she sees the scars he has on his body from the time he got stabbed to death. He never tried to explain to her that he died once, because that is complicated, but maybe now Dany knows he wasn’t joking. They share a great moment when Jon calls her Dany, and agrees to bend the knee to her after she comes to their rescue. What a beautiful moment it was! But is there heartbreak on its way for us fans? I hope not.

Beyond The Wall Review

The Ice Dragon Theory
Oh, almost forget. Not one, but two lives were lost in that battle. Thoros of Myr succumbed to his wounds, and Viserion was killed by the Night King. WHATTTT, right? Yes, that happened, perhaps the loudest all of fans would have screamed so far in the series. Night King’s ice spear took down one of Dany’s beloved children, and tears rolled down our eyes as we saw him bleed and fall to death. WHAT A MOMENT! Dany was clearly sad about losing one of her children, now that it’s confirmed that she cannot bear children of her own. But perhaps the best thing happened in the end of the episode. The Night King revived Viserion, turning him into an Ice Dragon, which makes him even more deadly now. What we’re all looking forward to more than who sits on the Iron Throne is a dragon battle. Viserion vs Drogon and Rhaegal. That battle is going to kept for Season 8 of course.

Beyond The Wall Review

With everything moving so fast, we see Dany’s army in King’s Landing, ready to negotiate with Cersei to join forces against the White Walkers. Watch the preview for the season finale and wait till next Monday.

It’s all coming together. FINALLY.

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