Spending The Weekend With Your Squad

Spending The Weekend With Your Squad

We’ve finally been blessed, the weekend is upon us. Another boring week ends in another fantastic weekend that we all are going to cherish. Have no plans yet? Don’t you worry, child. Here’s some pointers on how you should be spending the weekend with your squad –

1. A fancy dinner
There’s no stress in the world that a nice fancy dinner can’t cure. You’ve been working your ass off this whole week and you deserve to spend that hard earned money on a fancy dinner night with your friends. Doesn’t matter is you won’t have enough cash to survive the month end, this weekend won’t come again. Grab that wallet, dress your best and go out to eat some gourmet food.

Spending The Weekend With Your Squad

2. A movie night
Movies are the best escape. Watching the drama in someone else’s life and not yours, for once is the best way to drain out the stress that’s bothering you. And no, I’m not talking about a movie night at home. Grab your coziest jackets and step inside the theatre for a late night show with your best friends. You’re all going to have the best time with each other watching a movie.

Spending The Weekend With Your Squad

3. Board games kinda day
Board games are the most underestimated games. You can have so much fun while playing them with thers, especially with your best friends. Unless you’re Monica, you don’t have to be competitive to play them. Scrabble, Monopoly, Cluedo, Uno, or just Ludo King on your smart phones can turn out to be the best way to spend your weekend with the squad. Remember, no throwing of plates in the air.

Spending The Weekend With Your Squad

4. Rave party
If you’re all the part animals kind of people, spending the weekend at a rave party might be a better option for you. Dance the night away enjoying at a club or a house party with your friends getting drunk. If you’re okay with waking up on the next day with a severe headache and people lying around in your house like a mental institution, you are good to go. Spend the weekend clubbing.

Spending The Weekend With Your Squad

5. Night in
And if you’re feeling like doing none of these, just call your friends at home and chill. There’s nothing you have to do. Just a whole night of talking with some wine and food is the best way to spend the weekend. All you need to de-stress in life in a night with them. Just get together, all at one place, snuggle in blankets and have the time of your life talking about each other. This is the best therapy.

Spending The Weekend With Your Squad

Happy weekend people!

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