Why Being A Middle Child Is A Blessing

Why Being A Middle Child Is A Blessing

Being born is not easy. Thrown into this crappy world without even asking for your permission is really not fair. But things get even more complicated when you have siblings. You’ve not only been forced to live, but also to share your happiness with this other human being that you don’t like that much. It’s the hardest on the middle child, who’s always ignored in the family. The elder one is the project, the younger one is the favourite, but the middle child doesn’t exist. It’s not all depressing though. Here’s why being a middle child is a blessing –

1. It’s all in your favour. Nobody pays attention to you, so you can go to a party any time you want. Because you’re invisible, nobody cares what time you come at home.

2. There’s no pressure on you to be anything. Your elder sibling may be a doctor and the younger an engineer, and you can be a disc jockey at a poker club for all anyone cares.

Why Being A Middle Child Is A Blessing

3. You don’t have to spend your birthday with your family because nobody remembers when you were born. So you’re free to roam about doing anything you want to do.

4. Being a middle child is chill. Your parents are always too busy praising the elder sibling and trying to bring the younger sibling on track, they have no time for you.

Why Being A Middle Child Is A Blessing

5. When you’re the middle child, you don’t have to be responsible for anything. You can always blame everything on your elder or younger sibling and get away with it.

6. You are the best of both worlds. You learn from your elder sibling and also from your younger sibling about what mistakes not to make in life.

Why Being A Middle Child Is A Blessing

7. Your parents don’t hover around your head too much because they’re too busy handling the problems of the other two. You’re blessed like that.

8. You’re never compared to any sibling. Mainly because nobody remembers you even exist. There’s always a competition going on between the elder and the younger, but not you.

Why Being A Middle Child Is A Blessing

9. When you fail in certain things, you can slyly get away without telling your family about it. They hardly notice you, so there’s less chance of them noticing your failures.

10. Middle children are the smartest among all their siblings. The same cannot be said about your elder and younger sibling. You get to laugh at their stupidity and enjoy their failures.

Why Being A Middle Child Is A Blessing

Happy Middle Child Day!

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