Activities To Do With Your Squad

5 Activities To Do With Your Squad This Weekend!

For the days when you don’t hate people and really want to go out and explore the world, you need your squad. There are a lot of activities to do with your squad – roomies and friends alike.

You just need to be at the right time and place, and you’ll have the best time of your life!

1. Trekking

Going on a trek with your friends is a really fun thing to do. It’s just you and your fam, in the wilderness, exploring the world.

Decide a day, coordinate with your squad and gear up to have the time of your life. You’re looking at hours of laughter, sharing moments together and making memories together.

Doesn’t it sound like a thing you all should definitely do?

Activities To Do With Your Squad

2. Paintball

Paintball is the closest you’ll get to shooting your friends with a gun.

No matter how much you want to shoot your friends, it’s illegal! But paintball? It guarantees the same satisfaction without legal troubles.

The best part? You get to shoot your friends and make them pay for the times they’ve embarrassed you.????Paintball is fun!

Activities To Do With Your Squad


3. Go cycling

If you and your buddies love sports, go cycling! Search for a national park in your city and gear up.

Burns calories and you can enjoy hours of cycling fun with your gang!

Activities To Do With Your Squad

4. Board Games

If your squad is more of an indoor squad, playing board games is cool. But play games that doesn’t make you guys want to murder each other (Monopoly or UNO)!

Or play, if you want to test their loyalty to you. Board games can be a fun activity when it’s sunny outside but you also want to spend time with your squad.

Don’t play if you don’t like to lose!

Activities To Do With Your Squad

5. Don’t meet them (Be a lone wolf)

Yes. This is the solution to end every expense, emotional turmoil and bad mood.

Why have people in your life? You might think how much fun it’s going to be doing all these fun activities with them but even you know the reality. Your friends are good for nothing.

So instead of going through the whole process of making a plan and then watching it going down the ditches, stay at home and watch Netflix!

Activities To Do With Your Squad

Now that’s a fun activity.

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