Stages Of Living With A Roommate

Stages Of Living With A Roommate

Shared living teaches a lot. When you move to a new city where you know nobody, you’re just someone who is used to getting all the attention. That’s how it has been for you all this while at home, but when you move away and start living with a stranger, you realize a lot of things. These strangers are your roommates, and living with them you realize how important it is to be self-dependent. However, it’s not usually easy to get along with them from the very first day. Following are the various stages of living with a roommate –

1. Courtesy Over Needs
You have moved to an apartment where you find you’ll be living with someone. You don’t know their likes, dislikes, habits or just anything about them. At this stage, you’re adjusting to each other, just like when you get to know someone you’ve met recently. This is the most awkward stage where you both are being courteous to each other over your own needs. You try to stay in your zone not annoying the other person, respect each other’s privacy and make sure you haven’t crossed the line.

2. Mutual Understanding
This begins when you start getting to know each other’s needs. You both take the initiative of finding a middle ground. At this point, you’re past the awkward phase. This is where you’re both getting used to living with each other. There haven’t been any fights as you’ve both made sure that you’re not pissing each other off. This understanding last for some months after which you both become friends with each other.

3. Friendship Blooms
Your roommate becomes your go to buddy within a span of some months. they know all your secrets, your habits, your crushes and your exes. You know a great deal of their secrets too. You start enjoying each other’s company and hangout exploring the new city you’re living in. This friendship is still at its initial stage, but you’re past the awkward stage. You share your belongings with each other and start entering each other’s rooms.

4. Partners In Crime
Friendship has gone to sisterhood/brotherhood where their basically your living in best friends. You spend most of your time with then. You develop the same tastes, be it movies or food, and you love being around each other. You don’t even have to hangout anymore to have fun. An evening session with them gossiping about that girl/boy at that party is enough to make you both burst into a laughter. They become your idea of home.

5. Like Siblings
At this stage, you’re living with them for more than a year. They become your siblings where you fight over who’s going to do the dishes, or who’s turn is it to mop the floor, or even why does one take showers for a million years. You irritate each other on purpose, but stand together as one during the toughest of times. Just like your hate your siblings but would cross mountains to protect them, you start hating your roommates too.

From roommies to homies.

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