Signs That You're Too Much Into Bollywood

Signs That You’re Too Much Into Bollywood

Bollywood is a crazy world. It makes you believe in ideas that are far from possible in real life, but you still hold onto them because you’re a hopeful person. Growing up desi, we’ve all had our fair share of watching Bollywood movies that have made us who we are. While some of us have successfully made the shift, the others are still stuck on the basic Raj and Simran kind of romance thing. It’s a crazy world, and you’re crazy too. Following are the signs that you’re too much into Bollywood –

1. You can’t go a day without drama. You want it, need it and cherish it. Too many Bollywood movies have made you a sucker for drama.
2. You can relate every word spoken by a person to some Bollywood movie that you might have seen. You even respond to them based on that.
3. Your kind of happy day is a marathon of Bollywood cult movies that can make you choke up with laughter. That’s how you roll.
4. You always have this favourite character whose personality you adopt. You like them so much, you live in a fantasy that you’re them.
5. A new movie with your favourite actor/actress is not just a must watch. It becomes your holy duty to see it first day first show.
6. Your friends are pretty tired of you idolizing your favourite actor/actress but you’ve found your co-fans who will happily dedicate a whole evening talking about them.
7. There’s always this one movie that you can sit and watch anytime. If it comes on TV, your whole day revolves around that.
8. Bollywood has made you kind of cheesy. All your friends have pointed that out for you but you couldn’t care less.
9. Your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram news feed is filled with celebrity pictures since you follow them all.
10. When there’s a gossip doing rounds, you try too hard to get some inside scoop because you feel like you’re a part of that community.
11. You have a favourite real life celebrity couple that you root for. If they break up, you feel like you have broken up.
12. You speak fluent Bollywood dialogues that not many understand. Only your best friend who has the same taste knows what you’re saying.
13. You closely follow the box office collections of your favourite movie because you know that in India a film can only be called successful when it earns money.
14. Award season is the favourite time of the year for you where you root for the movies you love and hope to see them win.
15. You know you have a Bollywood problem but you’re not looking for any cure. You’re in this thing for life.

Signs That You're Too Much Into Bollywood

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