Logan Review

Logan Review: Wolverine Is Old And Angry As Hell

It just seems harder and harder to let go of our favourite childhood heroes that will always be etched in our memories. Can you imagine someone else playing Logan better than Hugh Jackman? No, absolutely not. But soon, it’ll come to that and we’re all going to have to deal with it. For 17 years, Hugh Jackman  made us feel these emotions that were all at the peak while watching the latest installment of Marvel’s X-Men series.

Logan Review
Wolverine is a limousine driver moving around sustaining himself and Professor Charles, hidden away from a world that has become intolerant towards mutants. Professor is keen on making him realize his purpose in life while Logan feels there’s nothing left for them in this world. He’s angry, very very angry and there’s no a thing that can make him happy.

Logan Review

Laura, Logan’s mini version enters stealing away the show. Without saying a word for almost half the movie, she’s damn funny. She immediately develops a liking to Charles Xavier, who feels this is the purpose that Logan lacks in life, making him realize at every step that his daughter is his last resort to peace. First for money and then purely out of love, Logan sets foot on the mission to make Laura and her mutant friends safe from the bad guys behind them.

Logan Review

A cat and dog chase eventually leads to the fall of our mighty hero, and with teary eyes, we bid farewell to Wolverine, in a movie that is the most appropriate goodbye for Hugh Jackman who played our beloved character for 17 years. 

Logan Review

Bye Hugh, you’ll always be our Wolverine.

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