Season Finale of Game of Thrones

Thoughts we all had while watching the season finale of Game Of Thrones

The most loved series in television history, which is more of an international phenomenon just blessed us with the most epic season finale for Season 6. It has been a roller coaster ride for the show over these five years. We’ve loved characters, we’ve hated characters, we’ve watched them die and sobbed for days. Death of some characters were oddly satisfying, and this season it was Ramsay Bolton. It is harmless to say that Game Of Thrones is the best show ever made. Once you’ve started watching it, it’s no more a show. It becomes a part of life. Season 6 was by far the most intense season of all. Mainly because now that the end is near, major development in character story lines is happening. Every character is undergoing a change and being prepared for what’s to come. The following are the thoughts we all had while watching the season finale of Game Of Thrones –

1. “Slay Dany, Slay!”

The finale episode of Season 6 was huge for Daenerys. In fact, the whole season was immensely concentrated on Daenerys’s increasing army and the extent of her power. Meereen was under attack when she came back, and it took her no time to show why she deserves to sit on the Iron throne. In The Winds Of Winter, we see her saying goodbyes to Daario, as advised by Tyrion, because nothing that makes her weak will help her in Westeros. She makes Tyrion the Hand Of The Queen, and on the ships provided by the Iron fleet, led by Yara and Theon Greyjoy, Queen Daenerys sets sail towards the west to take what is hers by fire and blood. Back in Dorne, Ellaria Sand forms an alliance with Olenna Martell to destroy the Lannisters in King’s Landing. Varys emerges from inside, showing that the alliance formed will support Daenerys’s cause. This was the secret mission Varys left Meereen for, gathering friends in Westeros to help Daenerys. The final scene of the episode in exactly what we all have waited for since five seasons, and it’s a promise of what’s coming. Queen Daenerys is going to rule the world and nothing is going to stop her. All we thought during the whole episode was how awesome it would be when Dany sets foot in Westeros and shows Cersei who the real queen is. Slay Dany, slay.

Season Finale of Game Of thrones

2. King In The North *sobs*

In the Battle Of The Bastards, Jon defeated Ramsay Bolton and took back Winterfell. His army and the Knights of Vale helped him take back his ancestral home. In the last episode, he and Sansa are sitting in front of various houses in the North, including the ones that didn’t support Jon’s cause. This is where a lot of discussion happens regarding whether they should let Jon lead the North, because he’s not really a Stark, but Ned’s bastard son (which he is not). This is where Lyanna Mormont arises and says she knows no ruler in the North but the Starks, and Ned’s blood runs through Jon’s veins, which makes him a Stark. Let me just take a moment here and say that this girl is a total badass. She’s sitting in front of people double and triple her age, she’s surrounded by men, but she doesn’t give a damn. She is going to say what she feels fearlessly, and everyone needs to bow down to this girl. Everyone knows Lyanna Mormont is right, and they accept Jon as the King in the North. And all this while what were we doing? Crying our hearts out in front of the screen, because finally there’s something good happening with Jon. He deserves every bit of it.

Season finale of Game Of Thrones

3. The Mad Queen

The Winds Of Winter began with people gathering at the Great Sept of Baelor for the trial of Cersei and Loras. Loras confesses about his homosexuality and begs atonement by giving up his ancestral name and joining the Faith Militant. While all of this is going on in the Sept, Grand Maester Pycelle is lured into Qyburn’s chamber where his “little birds” stab Pycelle to death. Tommen is ready to go to the Sept but his obstructed by The Mountain. Margaery realizes that Cersei and Tommen, both are absent from the Sept on purpose, which is not something Cersei would do knowing the consequences. She insists there’s something wrong and asks everyone to leave the Sept immediately. High Sparrow send Lancel to summon Cersei immediately. Lancel follows one of the “little birds” under the Sept where he finds caches of Wildfire, but is stabbed in the leg by a “little bird”. There’s a candle on the verge of igniting the Wildfire, and before Lancel can put it out, it ignites and destroys the Great Sept killing all the people in it. Cersei is drinking wine while all this is happening, and goes to a chamber where she has captured Septa Unella. The conversation she has with Septa Unella is pure evil and hateful. She takes revenge on her by commanding Ser Gregor (who’s face is slightly visible), to torture her everyday until she dies and walks of by saying “shame, shame, shame”. Lena Headey brilliantly portrays Cersei Lannister, especially in this episode. Now that Tommen jumped to his death, so none of her children are alive, Cersei is mad for power. She is crowned the Queen with Qyburn as her Hand, Cersei is going to get more murderous and violent. We can only hope she gets choked to death soon, as the prophecy said, because the longer she is alive, the crazy she gets.

Season Finale of Game Of Thrones

4. Hand of the Queen *more sobs*

Hated since the day he was born, accused of killing his mother right after birth, being called The Imp and Monster by people around him, unappreciated by his own father, loathed by his sister, almost being killed by his nephew, falsely being accused of murdering his nephew, Tyrion has seen it all in his life. He’s our favourite character on the show along with Dany and Jon is because he is deserving, yet never given an opportunity because of his physical appearance. He was always surrounded by people who mocked him, hated him or wanted him dead. And yet, he made his way to a place he is respected and looked up to. Daenerys made it clear in The Winds Of Winter that she needed Tyrion for ruling Westeros, by making him the Hand Of The Queen. She appreciates his presence, trusts him completely and believes that he’s never going to steer her wrong. This is all Tyrion wanted his entire life, to feel appreciated. And when he cries, we all cried with him. It was the most beautiful thing to see him stand beside Daenerys on the ship when they set sail towards Westeros. He’s no more the Imp, the dwarf, the monster. He’s Daenerys trusted adviser, and we couldn’t be more happy for him.

Season finale of Game Of Thrones

5. Arya Stark for President

The last episode was not all about King In The North, Dany’s first step towards the West or Cersei’s madness. They were not the only important characters that had major roles to play. Arya Stark is going places and nobody can deny that. Walking away from the Faceless Men and leaving the city of Braavos, Arya wastes no time. She’s at Riverrun, with a new face and identity. At first we obviously don’t know and cannot even guess that the girl who kept staring at Jaime during the feast at Riverrun would turn out to be Arya. We just saw a girl who was mesmerized by Jaime’s looks (which Bronn is clearly jealous of), staring and smiling at him. When the episode’s about to end, we see the girl again serving a pie to Walder Frey. At this point he does not know what’s about to come, like us, and asks her as to where his sons are. The girl says they’re in the pie and quickly takes her mask off. It’s Arya, avenging the Red Wedding, where her mother and brother were mercilessly murdered by the Freys. She killed the Frey sons and put them in the pie, served it to their father, cut his throat open and says “my name is Arya Stark. I want you to know that. The last thing you are ever going to see is a Stark smiling down at you as you die,” and watches him struggle for life. Arya has never been the damsel in distress kind, she’s out there and she knows what she wants. It would be awesome to see her murder Cersei as well. But for now we do know one thing, there’s no stopping Arya Stark.

Season finale of Game Of Thrones

6. “Sansa, please don’t!”

The Stark sisters have always been poles apart. Sansa from the beginning was the “princess” kind while Arya has always been a warrior. Watching one sister totally slay and the other making foolish mistakes is heartbreaking. Yes, Sansa was right in summoning the Knights of the Vale for help, Jon wouldn’t stand a chance without it. Yes, she deserved credit for the victory of Jon in the Battle of the Bastards. Yes, she completely avenged the wrong done to her by Ramsay by feeding him to his own dogs and smirk away. But she’s mistaking by not saying what she feels inside to Jon. As he told her, they have to trust each other now that they’ve made more enemies than before. Baelish made it clear that he wants the Iron throne with Sansa by his side. It is not wise to trust someone like Baelish, and Sansa should know that by now. He betrayed her father, and he’s pretty capable of betraying her too. Sansa should let Jon know about Baelish’s intentions, about whatever is going in her mind, because Baelish has been poisoning her mind. Before it gets worse, she needs to put her trust on Jon. It is definitely difficult for her, as she’s always held opinions of her mother Catelyn, who’s never liked Jon for obvious reasons. Liking someone after years of hating them is not easy. Trusting Baelish will lead to her downfall again, and Sansa needs to figure it out soon. If only we could tell her this ourselves!

Season finale of Game Of Thrones

7. R + L = J *victory dance*

It’s an amazing feeling when a fan theory you’ve wished was true comes true on the show. The R (Rhaegar) + L (Lyanna) = J (Jon) theory was that Lyanna died giving birth to Rhaegar’s baby who is Jon. Ned presented baby Jon to Catelyn as his bastard son as a promise to Lyanna for protecting her baby all his life. We know how much Robert hated the Targaryens. If Robert would have known about Jon’s parentage, he would kill him, which is why Ned hid it from the world. This popular fan theory kept doing rounds since many years and now we can say it without a doubt. Bran along with Meera and Benjen reach near the wall where Benjen says he would leave them. The wall is magically shielded against the dead and hence Benjen cannot go through, as now he is cold hands. Bran re-enters the memory of young Ned Stark, where Ned climbs his way up the Tower Of Joy to find his sister Lyanna dying from childbirth. In her last dying breath, she asks Ned to promise to take care of her son, Jon Snow, or Robert would kill him. This is where the scene is cut to baby Jon’s face, and then cut to now Jon’s face, showing the same eyes, proving the R + L = J theory is correct. This is where we all danced our hearts out, as Jon is not a bastard. He’s half Stark and half Targaryen. The third head of the dragon? Quite possible.

Season Finale of Game Of Thrones

8. “Kill her Jaime!”

Cersei: Will the king and I have children?

Maggy: Oh, aye. Six-and-ten for him, and three for you. Gold shall be their crowns and gold their shrouds, she said. And when your tears have drowned you, the valonqar shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you.

Maggy the Frog, a fortune teller told Cersei that she would outlast her children. This came true last episode. Joffrey was murdered by Olenna and Petyr. Myrcella was murdered by Ellaria Sand in the last season. In the Winds of Winter, Tommen, after witnessing the explosion at the Great Sept commits suicide. By far, Maggy’s prophecy has been true. All of Cersei’s children are dead, and she knows there’s more to come. But right now, she’s hungry for power and is setting people of fire to keep being powerful. Jaime, who returns from Riverrun to watch the flames in the Great Sept, rushes to the Red Keep only to see Cersei being crowned as the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. He’s red with rage, we can see from his face. He knows Cersei has gone completely mad and there’s nothing that will stop her. Coming back to Maggy’s prophecy, which says “the valonqar” which mean “little brother”, will choke her to death. All this while people believed that this little brother might be Tyrion, but he would never hurt his sister no matter how much she hates him. He wouldn’t choke her to death. After yesterday’s episode, there’s quite a possibility that this “little brother” might be Jaime, and he would do this to put an end of Cersei’s madness by killing her. And this is what we all want to see.

Season finale of Game Of Thrones

So much has happened in Season 6 it seems impossible to wait for another year. One thing we do know, the end is here, and it’s all going to happen soon. Everything we want to see is coming, and Game Of Thrones will get more interesting than it already is.
Winter is here.

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