Celebrating Father's Day away from home

Celebrating Father’s Day away from home

Nobody wants to stay away from home on purpose. Work, studies, better opportunities, all of these force us to get out of our comfort zone. It’s a choice you have to make to do better in life. But we sure do miss home, especially during festivities. Nothing compares to the atmosphere back at home, when you could celebrate with your family all together. Mom’s food, irritating siblings, serious chats with dad, all these are incredibly missed by everyone who stays away from home. With Ramadan going on and a wave of festivals that are about to come, you do wish that you could just forget about everything else and travel back home to celebrate this jolly time of the year with your family.

It’s Father’s Day and we miss our dads. Wasn’t it a simpler time when on this special day all members of the household would gather around doing absolutely nothing, but enjoying each other’s company. Dad’s jokes, mom’s delicious food, you picking on your siblings every other minute, sitting in front of the television talking about current issues, that’s a perfect Father’s Day right there. Fathers have always been simple, they don’t need grand gestures. Quality time spent with family is exactly what they need to feel special. But when you’re away, you obviously cannot physically be present with them. You do want to, but it’s not possible sometimes. Here are some ways of celebrating Father’s Day away from home –

1. Video Calls

Technology is definitely a boon in today’s world. When the distance increases, these things bring us closer. You don’t have to be sad if you’re not with your father on this day. Just decide a time well suited for both of you, Skype him, and there he is right in front of you. His virtual presence is more than enough to make you not feel bad about not being there. Get a few beers, have dinner in front of each other, discuss current issues, and do your father – son/daughter thing you always do. The fact that you took out time from your busy schedule for him is enough to make him feel special. It’s always about the effort with them.

Celebrating Father's Day away from home

2. Online shopping

Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon, they always have great deals and offers around such days. Get online and find something for your dad. A wallet, a shirt, a pen, sunglasses, in short anything that says “this is so daddy”, you can gift it to him. These sites have options of shipping address where you can ship it directly to him. This is a great way of celebrating Father’s Day when you’re not around him to tell him that you love him, the gifts do it for you. You know how dads are, they never buy things for themselves, so it’s a perfect opportunity for you to get him something he needs.

Celebrating Father's Day away from home

3. Pizza delivery

Nothing says “I love you” than getting a pizza, and that stands true in every part of the world. Pizzas should be an international symbol of happiness, because whoever sets eyes on them, a wide smile appears on their face. Getting him a pizza will have the same reaction on him. Order one online, with a note that says “Happy Father’s Day Dad”, and you’ve made his day. In fact that is what you should do for every occasion. Just keep sending around pizzas, and you’ll become the Santa of your family.

Celebrating Father's Day away from home

4. Movie tickets

When you are away from home, your mom and dad have only each other’s company. And since nobody is around that much, they usually don’t do cool things together. The whole day is basically filled with a little chats, tv watching sessions and household chores. They have time on their hands, but they don’t feel the need to utilize it. Get them tickets for a movie you think they’d enjoy watching. Ensure that your dad doesn’t spend the whole day missing you but instead, spends a quality time with your mom. Trust me, he’ll love it.

Celebrating Father's Day away from home

5. Just get home

I know it’s impossible to do this, but if you stay 5-6 hours away from them, take some time out and visit him. This would make him more happy than anything else you would do. Take your car and get home as soon as you can. Surprise him and take your parents out for dinner. Not that it would matter now that you’ve visited him yourself, you could get him a gift too, something he could use daily. You know what’s priceless? That smile on his face when he feels special that his child came all the way to celebrate the day with him.

Celebrating Father's Day away from home
Happy Father’s Day, all of you handsome fathers.

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