What Every Friday Feels Like

What Every Friday Feels Like

The most beloved day of the week is here. Friday, more like FRIYAY, come with two days of zoning out and cutting down human contact. Every Friday is like a blessing that you need to cherish before it runs out and ends into a Monday. Here’s what every Friday feels like –

1. You wake up very excited because it’s the last day of the week. You’re finally going to get that two day break you needed from doing nothing.
2. You’re all hyper while doing things because you’re too eager to get over with this day and enjoy sleeping on Saturday.
3. Your mood is pretty chill while on the way to work. You tend to smile at strangers which is a huge trasition from when you wanted to burn their face on Monday.
4. You tend to notice everything on the way because you keep telling yourself that you won’t be seeing them for the next two days.
5. Your mood with colleagues in pretty chilled out. You don’t give up on that fake smile that you’ve been putting up since the start of the week.
6. You try a lot to concentrate on work but your happiness keeps coming in between and you go back to thinking about the weekend.
7. The clock isn’t your best friend on Friday because it never really helps you out with running fast and ending your day in peace.
8. You keep checking the clock every two minutes feeling that it’s been an hour since you last did that.
9. You may be pretending to be busy, but you keep one eye on people approaching you because you don’t want more work to do and spoil your happiness.
10. When you see your boss roaming around, you put on a serious look as if you don’t care about the weekend at all.
11. Most of your time is wasted in imagining what all you’ll be doing in the weekend. You’ve already prepared a list of things.
12. The thought of the weekend ending to another Monday doesn’t cross your mind at all because you’re all about living in the moment.
13. Just when it’s about time to leave, you try to sneek out secretly because nobody must see you as everyone has the potential of giving you work to do.
14. If someone spots you, you try hard to camouflage with the background as you don’t want to end your Friday on a bad note by talking to them.
15. You reach home, throw your pants off, hop on to the bed and start binge watching your favourite show because this is what life is about.

Happy Friyay, ya’ll!

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