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How House Hunting Turns Into A Horrific Experience

Moving to a different city involves a lot of changes. We all face issues like adapting to its lifestyle, making new friends, trying to fit in. But the most haunting experience has to be house hunting. What should be a simple process becomes a horrific experience that sends chills down our spines. Every day becomes Friday the 13th when you have to go house hunting. Here’s how house hunting turns into a horrific experience –

1. Rude Landlords
Very rarely you find landlords that understand the pains every tenant goes through. When house hunting, you come across a lot of landlords who refuse to co-operate with you. They always find ways to get back at you, making the whole process difficult. ‘No’ is their favourite word. They just love using that for every question you ask or negotiations you try to make.

House Hunting

2. Judgemental People
One question that you’ll be asked all the time is “do you come home this late all the time?”  Eyes are on you every time you say something. When house hunting, it hard to get past these judgements that are passed on you all the time. These judgements get hard to take after a point because it’s all wrong. There’s nothing much you can do about these judgements.

House Hunting

3. Cheating Agents
The most irritating and horrific experience you can go through in-house hunting is getting a fraud agent. This happens all the time. Agents don’t focus on helping you find a good home. Instead, you are fooled into giving more and more money. They may have promised you a 3 BHK apartment with jacuzzi and furniture. But even you know what you’ll be getting, a small room with a tub of water in the middle. That’s right.

House Hunting

4. Age-old Stereotypes
People observe stereotypes from the 11th century. Sadly, there’s not much you can do to change their perspective. Not renting the apartment to bachelors, restricting the timings for girls to back to the apartment, not allowing friends and family to come over, are just some of the age-old stereotypes that exist today. The mindset must change and we need to do something about it. We can only hope.

House Hunting

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