Things That Will Get You Broke By The End Of 2016

Things That Will Get You Broke By The End Of 2016

If you thought that your woes of the year 2016 are coming to an end, you’re wrong. The last three months have more suffering in store for you. It’s a known fact that October, November and December are the tiring months of the year. Festivals, events, birthdays, you have a lot to look plan out, and all this sucks especially when you don’t have any money at your disposal. Welcoming the most expensive months, here’s the list of things that will get you broke by the end of 2016 –

1. Diwali

Perhaps the most celebrated and expensive festival of India returns within 20 days time. Are you prepared? Of course not! Because till yesterday it was May, and suddenly our planet decided to orbit faster around the sun. Diwali means buying new clothes, furnishing your house, getting gifts for friends and family, and turning broke by the end of the festival. This happens every year and still we never save. Thankfully, the tradition of buying crackers has stopped over the years, otherwise spending on that was a big issue as well.

2. Wedding Season

If there’s one thing that occur most frequently in November and December, it’s weddings. These two months are all about ‘cousin ki shaadi’, ‘cousin ke friend ki shaadi’, ‘mere friend ki shaadi ‘, ‘duur ke chacha ki shaadi’’, ‘uske mama ki shaadi’’, and so on. Weddings are fun, no doubt, especially in the winter. Dressing up, food, meeting family and friends is all fun and games until you realize you can’t wear the same dress to every wedding. That’s right, all the money goes into shopping for lehenga and by the end of the year, you’re right where you started, broke as hell.

3. Birthdays

If there’s anything we know about the last three months of the year, is that most people we know are born in these months. Friends, relatives, and in most cases even our birthdays fall in the busiest months of the year to add to our plight and contribute towards making us homeless by the end of the year. When it’s your best friend’s birthday, you have to throw them a surprise party, that’s a given. When it’s your own birthday, you have to treat yourself with new clothes or food, sometimes both. There’s no way you can avoid spending money on birthdays.

4. Christmas

The most celebrated festival in the world is celebrated with the same grandeur in India too. Everything is so pretty during Christmas, you don’t feel like staying home at all. If you have Catholic friends, a visit to their place for delicious treats and a glass of wine is a must. Following the tradition of the West, Secret Santa practice has also become a part of Christmas celebrations in India. And what does that mean? A huge hole in your pocket getting presents for others.

5. New Year’s

Celebrating the end of the year in mandatory, especially when you’ve survived another year without giving up. Life is hard, no second thoughts about that, and the fact that you fought and made your way into another year with no promises of it being any better, makes you deserve a night where you can chill and not think about how much your life sucks. But even that is expensive. After spending a load on weddings, birthdays, Christmas and Diwali, there’s nothing left for you to spend on New Year’s. And then you end up going to a house party (which is expensive too, btw).


Maybe 2017 will be better (weeping inside).

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