Types Of People You Come Across While Driving

Types Of People You Come Across While Driving

Driving in India is one of the most depressing and irritating activities that one could do. Population and traffic are just some of the obstacles in this country, which are worsened when fools are given vehicles to drive around. Following are types of people you come across while driving –

1. Annoying pedestrians

The most irritating of the lot are annoying pedestrians. The concept of Footpath is completely void to them, as they’re seen everywhere on the road, except for that space which has been exclusively designed for them. It is almost like the roads were not built for vehicles, but for them to wander around and get enticed in their own thoughts without any worries. If you’ve driven a car in India, you’ll know how annoying it is when you’ve been waiting for more than a minute for the signal to go green, and just when it does, the pedestrians decide to take their strolls on the road like it’s a fucking park. And god help you if you try to get in their way, you’re in for a lecture of how car owners think the road in their private property. How about you use the bridge, you fool?

2. Narcissistic drivers

Adding to the problems, we have a bunch of narcissistic drivers on Indian roads that actually think the roads of India are their own public runway. They have absolutely no regard for the signals, traffic rules or other drivers. All they care about is their damn self. A classic example to explain them would be the time we give left or right indicators way before we have to take one. A normal non-narcissistic driver would slow down, appreciating our effort to give a signal even before we want to move right or left. They’d allow us to exit on our turn and everyone would go home happy. But a narcissistic driver doesn’t give a shit. You give him the indicator, they give you the accelerator.

3. Aunties

Other than being the unofficial spies in everyone’s life, aunties serve one more purpose. They are the unofficial speed breakers that not only ruin your driving experience, but make sure that your mind is spoiled enough to do nothing productive the whole day. They’ll chat at the turning of the road unapologetic-ally making it impossible to drive without losing your mind. When you honk at them, they’ll look at you as if you just murdered their daughter, and give those typical aunty faces. Sometimes you just want to get out of the car and ask them why they choose a perfectly working road to chit-chat when they could do that anywhere else. Sadly enough, there’s no answer.  

4. Road Rash riders

Don’t even get me started on the two wheeler riders who don’t care about anything. It’s them, and their Pulsar, sometimes Bullet (which is more annoying). You’re stuck in a traffic for about a hour, and this guy comes in and reaches his destination within seconds by leaving more traffic behind. They can move about the place even if the space is as narrow as one millimeter. The sole purpose of them buying a two wheeler is to move about easily screwing with every four wheeler that comes in their way. We’ve all felt like getting out of the car and beating this guy up for being a complete fool.

5. Learner’s License Idiot

Every road has this one idiot with a Learner’s License who cannot find as secluded road to carry out his training. Most of the times, their vehicles don’t even have the ‘L’ sign that is supposed to make others aware that it’s an immature driving the vehicle. It just seems a normal car and just when you’ve decided you’re going to overtake this guy, he’ll show you his poor driving skills. Taking a right without giving the indicator, keeping the headlight on high beam, making sharp turns and driving like as slow as evolution are just some of the aspects of this obnoxious driver who still manages to get a permanent license.


Roads are filled with idiots.

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