Cheesy Bollywood Nights

Why Cheesy Bollywood Nights Are The Best

Are you one of those people who would rather party at home than go to a club? Welcome to the house party fandom. Aren’t house parties the best? You get to be whoever you want, with people you actually care about. The best thing about it is that you can play your own music. The music ranges from hardcore American pop songs to the 90s cult classic Bollywood songs, depending upon how high you and your friends are. Still, want to waste your time at a club? Here’s why cheesy Bollywood nights are the best –

1. Best dance
The kind of dance that you can do on “chane ke khet mein” cannot be replaced by any other dance form. There’s something about the Bollywood music, it makes you forget everything and just groove to the beats. You can show your best moves only on a cheesy Bollywood number.

Cheesy Bollywood Nights

2. Best people
The cheesy music is best enjoyed when you have the right kind of people around you. If you do, you’re lucky. Cheesy Bollywood nights get ten times for fun when you have the best kind of people to enjoy them with. It’s important to have such kind of people in your life.

Cheesy Bollywood Nights

3. Best music
You can play all the EDMs and the pop tracks, but nothing can beat Bollywood numbers. Two drinks down, everyone wants to hear that kind of music. It gets the adrenaline rushing in our veins, giving us the energy to dance away the night. With Bollywood numbers, you have the best music.

Cheesy Bollywood Nights

4. Best time
Chilling with people who you know for since so many years is the best. You can be absolutely crazy in front of them. When you play a stupid song, they’ll be by your side doing a stupid step. With the right people and the best music, you have the best time.

Cheesy Bollywood Nights

5. Best high
No one can be the best high on normal music. A party is all about rad tracks that get the people dance drunk and wasted. You might have been high but you can never be dancing on “cheez badi hai mast mast” high. The latter is where your aim should be. That’s when you know you are high.

Cheesy Bollywood Nights

Here’s to more of cheesy Bollywood nights!

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