Jab We Met

Ten Years Of Jab We Met

If you thought Bollywood movies are all cheesy and stupid, you need to update your must-watch list. Bollywood sometimes comes up with exceptional motion pictures that not only break boundaries but also are able to relate with the public. Imtiaz Ali is one such director whose movies never fail to disappoint the audience. Jab We Met, starring Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor is his brainchild, a movie that we’re not going to forget for a long time. As Jab We Met completes ten years, let’s take a look at some of the most memorable moments from the movie.

1. Geet introduction scene
Up until this moment, the movie was all about a guy walking aimlessly. There’s fewer dialogues, less noise, just Aditya boarding a train cluelessly. Kareena Kapoor did the role with such magic, the whole screen brightened up for the viewers when she came. The way Geet spoke, made us laugh and didn’t keep quiet even for a minute made us instantly fall in love with her.

Jab We Met

2. The cheap motel scene
Ratlam ki galiyon mein, Aditya and Geet check into a cheap motel. Aditya confesses about what has been troubling him, a breakup. Geet somehow convinces him to burn her photograph, and he feels surprising good about it. The motel scene is significant for this one dialogue that we love using – “Main apni favourite hoon.” The chirpy Geet is at her best at this stage of the movie.

Jab We Met

3. Hiding on the terrace scene
The whole train journey of the two lead characters was a hilarious ride. After reaching their destination, the fun doesn’t stop. Geet’s desire to run from her house lands both her and Aditya in trouble. Hiding on the terrace, Aditya makes her question the decision, but Geet’s perspective makes him change his own. This scene was the very first insight into Geet’s rebellious mind.

Jab We Met

4. The abuse scene
Being away from home for nine months after being rejected by the guy she loved, Aditya finally meets Geet and takes her home. Their stay at the hotel opens a box of memories, making Geet realize all the stupid mistakes she has made. The highlight of this meet has to be the phone call where Geet abuses Anshuman. That made us all feel we should have done this with our exes.

Jab We Met

5. The final scene
The whole world can see they’re made for each other, except the two of them. At a point, even geet realizes that she’s making a wrong decision by marrying Anshuman. Just when we think the moment’s going to pass, the two adorable characters embrace is a passionate kiss, a proof that they’re meant to be together. This scene made us believe in love all over again.

Jab We Met

Jab We Met Forever. 

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