Stranger Things Season 2

Why You Should Watch Stranger Things Season 2

What makes boring weekends fun? You guessed it right! Quality shows that keep you hooked to your sofa and ignore everyone. If it wasn’t for TV shows, us introverts would have a hard time living in this world. Netflix is an important part of our lives. With some of the best shows that it offers us, Netflix is a necessity if you’re a fan of watching shows all the time. Everything is so cool about this show. One of its original shows has become a modern day classic with a cult following. Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Will and Eleven are characters that are going to stay with us fans forever.  Last year, when the first season came out, the show was able to garner critical acclaim across the world. Stranger Things Season 2 is out on Netflix now and here’s why you should be streaming it –

1. The story
We have all grown up watching the Sci-Fi genre. Most of the today’s shows belonging to that genre are stupid. But Stranger Things, it’s different. You not only believe in all that is happening on the show, but also start pondering over the possibility of it all. The Duffer Brothers are able to deliver such an impactful, action-packed compelling story.

Stranger Things Season 2

2. The characters
Every character in Stranger Things has an importance of its own. There’s no main character as such because everyone is so involved in whatever it is that is going on in Hawkins. They are all well connected to the story, be it the four friends, the gifted Eleven, Will’s mother Joyce or Officer Hopper. This is what makes every character special on Stranger Things.

Stranger Things Season 2

3. The 80s
Set in Hawkins, Indiana, the Duffer Brothers chose to tell their story in the 80s. Everything was so cool in the 80s. The games, the means of communication, entertainment and even the clothes, everything was so much cooler in the 80s. Other than the storyline and the characters, the other thing that draws us to the show is its setting. We can’t help but wonder how we would have lived in that era. Every detail is so accurately represented in the show from that time.

Stranger Things Season 2

4. The music
The other cool things about the 80s are the amazing music. Bowie, Jackson, Joy Division, Echo and the Bunnymen, Corey Heart, you name it. All the beautiful music these amazing artists have blessed us with blends in perfectly with the show. The music is so soothing to the ears, it transports us to that time.  Every track is a reminder of the beautiful era that 80s was. If you’re a huge 80s music fan, you’re going to love Stranger Things.

Stranger Things Season 2

5. The action
Without trying to spoil it for you even before you begin watching the series, let’s just say you won’t be disappointed at all. You don’t for one minute want to pause your screen and move away. It keeps you gripped and enticed, making you want for more. Now that Stranger Things Season 2 is out, you’ll want to look forward to waiting for the other seasons. At the same time, you’ll feel sad you can’t watch it all at once. But it’s all worth the wait.

Stranger Things Season 2

Are you going to watch Stranger Things Season 2 or be a mouth breather?

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