5 Of The Most Awkward Situations

5 Of The Most Awkward Situations In Life 

If you’re not a socially awkward person, your life doesn’t really have an edge. One of the best privileges of being an awkward person is not meeting a lot of people. Your friends know you’ll end up embarrasing them, your family knows you’ll say something stupid and you yourself know you shouldn’t be exposed to the outer world very often. However, you too have face some situations that scare the bejesus out of you. Following are the 5 of the most awkward situations –
1. Happy Birthday 
This is something everyone experiences in life annually but still doesn’t have a clue as to how to deal with it. When people around you are wishing you a Happy Birthday by singing, you just don’t know what are you supposed to do. You try to fidget by looking at your hands, pretending to be lost in your own thought, or taking a lot of time to cut the cake, but you’re actually thinking about what an idiot you might be looking like standing there.
2. Meeting an old classmate 
You remember when you were just walking, listening to your music when you get tapped on your shoulder and it’s a face you take at least 20 seconds to recognize? Yeah, that is awkward. That person keeps on blabbering about how they have been, and you’re just standing there smiling like a baboon wondering whether you should call the police or it’s someone you know. It doesn’t get less awkward even after you figure out.
3. Meeting an ex 
The word ex is synonymous with awkward. There’s nothing better about this encounter because exes are never good news. Meeting an ex is awkward because of two reasons. First, that you aren’t really mentally ready to deal with them with all your sass, and second, that whenever you run into your ex, you look like a total shit when you could be dressed better making them regret losing you. But, sigh, such is life!
4. Mom’s encounter with a friend 
As a kid we’ve all gone grocery shopping with our moms. Hell, we do that even now. When you’re done shopping, you usually go home. That would happen if you went with someone else, because shopping with mom can never be easy. She’s always find someone she knows and stand for eight hours straight talking about the stars and moon. While they keep discussing about absolute nonsense, you are forced to stand there pretending to fake laugh about things you don’t even care. Thanks mom.
5. Everything in general
If you’re an awkward person, everything around is awkward. Sometimes, you even feel awkward in your own company. You’re too cool to be hanging out with other people and even if you do, you keep on concentrating on awkward details about them and it gets weird. You wonder why are you like this, but there’s really no cure.
Still, Awkward people rule.
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