Every Client Meeting

Every Client Meeting Ever

There are two things everyone hates when working. Number one is getting up early five days a week to work for a 9-5 job, like a continuous life cycle till you’re old. And number two is clients who make the already bad work life worst. Client meeting are an absolute pain to everyone. They never go as planned, make you want to kill yourself and disrupt your life for the next few weeks to come. This is how every client meeting happens –

1. The dreaded introduction
Every client meeting begins with a series of introductions that no one is going to remember the very second after that. Honestly, why do we go through the whole process? You could just begin with the whole thing instead of pretending that you care to know about the people sitting there. It’s a fake world.

Every Client Meeting

2. The follow-ups
After the dreaded introductions are over, it’s time to get to business. It begins with a lot of digging into the past, like a crazy ex-girlfriend/boyfriend, asking what happened to the previous works and whether they can be expected anytime soon or not. What if we decide we don’t want to give them, huh? What can you do?

Every Client Meeting

3. The “mistakes”
No matter how many deadlines you’ve met by staying the entire night in the office for your clients, they’ll always point out the one deadline you missed. That’s unfair, but then again, that’s how every client ever is. Be ready for a list of your mistakes. They wouldn’t really have been mistakes if they gave a proper brief to you.

Every Client Meeting

4. The new brief
We come to the real purpose of the client meeting here. The reason why the client arranged for this overnight meeting with your company is because they want their work done urgently that could have been planned well, but it wasn’t. The new brief is going to lead to many more all-nighters at the office, thanks to your clients.

Every Client Meeting

5. The awkward goodbye
After ruining all your weekend plans and giving your sleepless nights in the future, the purpose of this client meeting is achieved. It’s time for the awkward goodbye. Everyone stares hard into each other’s eyes, trying hard to remember their names but can’t. Goodbye you guys, thanks for the shitty brief again.

Every Client Meeting

Please find attached many thanks for screwing up our lives.

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