Signs that you have a drinking problem

Signs That You Have A Drinking Problem

Drinking has solved more depressions than a psychologist ever will. Alcohol is an integral part of every celebration or mourning. But when do you know it’s enough? Waking up every morning at a different place is not so much fun, is it? Following are the signs that you have a drinking problem –

  1. Your mornings start at 3 pm in the afternoon everyday.
  2. You may not have a penny in your pocket, but you bar is well stocked.
  3. Every morning you wake up with a headache and are zoned out for the whole day.
  4. Your favourite dish is beer with chakna.
  5. You don’t own a bed because every night you pass out somewhere else.
  6. Your idea of celebration always involves heavy drinking and dancing.
  7. You are very popular on YouTube as the naked guy drunk dancing.
  8. Your friends cannot recall the last time you were sober.
  9. In most cases, you don’t even have friends.
  10. Your most intense conversation has always been with a bottle of Old Monk.
  11. You look forward to spending time with alcohol more than human beings.
  12. You’ve woken up in the closet at a stranger’s house many a times.
  13. Your friends always try to stop you from drinking a lot because they know what a weirdo you become when drunk.
  14. You have two personalities; the drunk you and the sober you. Drunk you is dominant most of the time.
  15. You can’t remember more than half of the things your friends claim that you’ve done.
  16. You measure happiness with the number of pegs you feel like drinking.
  17. Every time you hear someone say beer, you get goosebumps and feel thirsty.
  18. You decline invitation to any party that does not have alcohol.
  19. You can compromise on food but alcohol choice is something your unapologetically stubborn about.
  20. The aim of you life is to be rich enough to install a tap of running rum in your house.


But remember – Drink till you drop!

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