Make A Resolution You Want To Keep

Make A Resolution You Want To Keep

It’s 2017! Aren’t you excited for another year? With each year passing by, we keep growing and changing, but why do our resolutions always have to be the same old? Do you know why we keep breaking them every year? Because they’re boring. This year, try changing your resolutions. This year, make a resolution you want to keep.

I want to:

1. Travel

You plan it every year and always delay it for some or the other reason. Instead of just thinking about traveling to a place you want to explore, make it your resolution. Plan it whenever you can take a vacation and just do it. Make 2017 a memorable year.

Make A Resolution You Want To Keep

2. Go On Adventures

Why spend every Sunday sleeping? Why not try trekking or some extreme sport? Make 2017 a year of adrenaline rush and do epic things. Skydive, bungee jump, scuba dive or go trekking with your best buddies and make each moment count.

Make A Resolution You Want To Keep

3. Listen To My Heart

Many a times you have had to decide things based on what other people say or feel, or take rational decisions that don’t make you happy. Break that monotony and do everything you want to do. Make 2017 a year where you’re going to do exactly what you’re heart tells you to do.

Make A Resolution You Want To Keep

4. Worry Less

Countless pressures, failures and disappointments may have been a part of 2016 that have made you feel worried about each and every thing. Let loose and set yourself free from all these worries. You cannot control everything, so why stress over it? Make 2017 a stress-free year.

Make A Resolution You Want To Keep

5. Go With The Flow

Instead of planning everything beforehand and watch it all shatter making your feel disappointed, just choose to go with the flow this year. Choose to not think about things before doing them and you might surprise yourself. Make 2017 a year of positive vibes.

Make A Resolution You Want To Keep

6. Be Happy

The most important thing to be in this year is happy. Until you’re feeling good about yourself and things, you can’t have it your way. Your goal for 2017 is to be happy no matter what happens. Be your best self and good things will come your way. Have a happy 2017.

Make A Resolution You Want To Keep

7. Be Creative

Everyone is good at something. Remember how you used to be a great artist back in school? That person still exists, just look harder. Get in touch with your creative self and create beautiful things that will help you feel great from the inside. Make 2017 a creative year.

Make A Resolution You Want To Keep

Happy New Year, you guys!

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