How The First Two Days Of 2017 Were

How The First Two Days Of 2017 Were

It’s been two days to 2017 and we have all survived. Not much happened but by the looks of it, there’s definitely a lot of craziness that we can expect from the new year, however, it’s too early to judge. Here’s how the first two days of 2017 were –

1. Modi didn’t use ‘Mitron’
On the last night of 2016, Prime Minister Modi addressed the country live. People were looking forward to his as they had hopes that there would be some relief over demonitization. There was a whole drinking game made by people based on the words from Modi ji’s speech, but it all backfired as he didn’t use the main catch phrase ‘Mitron’. Sorry Mitron.

How The First Two Days Of 2017 Were


2. Hollywood becomes Hollyweed
2 days into 2017 and you already know that this year is going to be lit. The following picture started circulating on social media wherein a prankster changed the iconic Hollywood sign in LA to ‘Hollyweed’, leaving everyone stunned and amused. While the world laughs at the guts of this man, we do know what he plans to do in 2017.

How The First Two Days Of 2017 Were

3. Sherlock Season 4
Benedict Cumberbatch strikes back as Sherlock Holmes for the fourth season of British-American hit crime drama series Sherlock. His portrayal of the titular character has gained widespread critical acclaim and a lot of fans. The show’s fans in India started 2nd of January on a happy note watching their favourite show. How we wish Game Of Thrones came out by now too.

How The First Two Days Of 2017 Were

4. Taher Shah strikes back
After leaving Pakistan on account of the death threats he had been receiving, world’s best singer/artist blessed us all with another message/sort of song wishing us all a happy new year. While we’re all going to be in his debt forever for taking out time from his busy schedule and releasing a video, we hope you can survive after watching the video below.


5. Resolutions have been broken already
Just two days into the new year and all you thought you were going to be has drained away. All those resolutions you made thinking how you’ll be following it religiously can take a rest now because even you knew you weren’t going to do that anyway. So here’s another year to being the old self and doing the same stupid things over and over again. Cheers.

How The First Two Days Of 2017 Were

Bring it on 2017, we’re not ready as always.

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