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5 Most Famous Khau Gallis in Mumbai

Mumbai is a food lover’s heaven. The city is home to everything from upscale eateries and comfortable cafes to dhabas and fast food places. But if you’re seeking for a culinary tour of Mumbai, nothing can match the appeal of the city’s well-known khau gallis or food streets. These Khau gallis, which are lined with some of the best food stalls and restaurants, are ideal for anyone wishing to unwind and enjoy a variety of delicious fast foods, chaats, and other cuisines at reasonable prices. And the best part is that khau gallis are plentiful around the city.

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In this blog, we will explore 5 Best Khau Gallis in Mumbai.

1. Churchgate Khau Galli

This is Mumbai’s most well-known and historic khau galli, and it is situated in the city’s core. The Khau Galli in Mumbai Churchgate adds a unique twist to traditional foods that are often straightforward. This Khau Galli features some of the most well-known establishments selling the typical, delectable Mumbai street food, as well as some surprises, ranging from the buttery pav bhaji served steaming hot to healthful, thick fruit smoothies.

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Must Try Dishes :
1. Chicken Manchurian Balls : Rs. 60/- for approx for 2
2. Crispy Golden Dosa : Rs. 30/- approx for  2
3. Cheese Pav Bhaji : Rs. 90 /- approx for 2

2. Mohammad Ali Road Khau Galli –

During Ramadan, the Khau Galli in Mohammed Ali Road, Mumbai, is especially busy and offers a wide variety of sizzling delicacies to satisfy the needs of meat lovers. Some of the most well-liked foods offered by the restaurants include luscious beef, delectable tikkas, juicy kebabs, fiery drumsticks, and mouthwatering rolls. Malpua and Phirni, two mouthwatering desserts, are also available to enjoy at fairly affordable prices.

Must Try Dishes :
1. Jalebi with Rabdi: Rs. 170/- approx for 2
2. Chicken Roll : Rs. 140/- approx for 2
3. Chicken Barra : Rs. 250/- approx for 2

3. Malad Khau Galli

Malad Khau Galli is a must-visit if you enjoy street food and are looking for vegetarian snacks and meals. Our favorite khau galli among these is the one in Malad because it serves delectable vegan appetizers and may satisfy your hunger for as little as Rs.50.

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Must Try Dishes :
1. Masala Papad : Rs.80/- approx for 2

2. Fuljar Soda : Rs.40/- approx for 2
3. Chole kulche : Rs. 80/- approx for 2

4. Ghatkopar Khau Galli

It is a short walk from Ghatkopar station to Ghatkopar East, where it is situated. This location, which opens as early as 4 pm, comes to life later in the night. The road is constantly bustling with people enjoying their favorite snack while enjoying street food. All of your favorite street food items can be found here, from a small Vada Pav shop to a dosa cart that sells over 40 dosas.

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Must Try Dishes :
1. Chilled Pani Puri  : Rs.40/- approx for 2

2. Pasta in Pink Sauce : Rs.120/- approx for 2
3. Paan Ice Cream Sandwich e : Rs. 80/- approx for 2

5. Vile Parle Khau Galli

A street food lover’s paradise, this area is located outside of Vile Parle Station West. Here, a selection of chaats, sandwiches, frankies, and other foods are available for you to choose from.  The khau galli is very well-liked by office workers and students alike. It is the ideal evening snack location because of its close proximity to Vile Parle West station.

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Must Try Dishes  :
1. Genie Dosa  : Rs.120/- approx for 2

2. Chinese Pakora : Rs.60/- approx for 2
3. Noodle Cheese Frankie : Rs. 160/- approx for 2

Conclusion – 

Mumbai’s khau gallis, which are among the most well-liked gathering spots in the city, are a must-see for everyone. These food lanes are so incredible that they fill up with students, workers, shoppers, and food enthusiasts in the afternoon and don’t let up until after midnight. Therefore, if you are considering taking a cuisine tour of Mumbai, make a point of visiting at least a few of the city’s well-known khau gallis.

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