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5 signs that say you like food more than people

Food, necessity for some, life for many. If you belong to the latter, welcome to the club. Food for us is not something that is a part of life, it defines our lives. If you’re still confused whether you love food more or people, we bring to you five signs that will solve your doubts.

Best friend = Tacos

Who said best friend is someone is who you can share your secrets with? It can also be something you eat. And it’s not to offend people but food really make good friends. Like how food is just one call away, or doesn’t call you names, or say ill about you behind your back, and helps through emotional phases in life. How many people can say this about?

Food over people

McDonalds is on your speed dial.

Break up? Let’s call McDonalds and order a large McGrill meal and cry while eating. While speed dial is supposed to be filled with your close friends and family, you speed dial is Pizza Hut, McDonalds, Dominos, local food place, another local food place, and then mom. Mom because she keeps calling to know if you’re doing good. Honestly, how can someone who has McDonalds on speed dial not do good in life?

Food over people

Your dates are with food.

Your idea of a perfect date is a filled stomach and an empty plate. Many a times when other people ask you whether you’re free or not he following evening, you’re answer is no. While the other person might think you have a date or have to meet someone, your mind is hovering over the idea of having pizza with a glass of wine, with some slow music in the background. Yep, that’s an evening well spent.

Food over people

“That doesn’t look like my order. Shoot it’s not!”

Let’s say you were called for a friend’s birthday treat at a really fancy restaurant. Now normally you would decline, but because it’s a fancy restaurant, you agree to go. You go, share some fake smiles, look for the menu and order what you want. While others are talking about how life has changed and what are their plans in the future, you keep an eye on every waiter in a hope that he brought your food. BTW, the moment you realize it’s not your order, really sucks.

Food over people

“I love you, food.”

A normal person to person I love you is not your thing. You don’t love people, you love food. And why shouldn’t you? Food didn’t betray you, or cheat behind your back. It was always there for you in times of desperate need. You really look forward to spending time with food, than people. You know you love food more than people when you have said I love you to food and not any person.

Food over people

Food > People

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