Valentines Day

Types of people on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day, a day dedicated to your special someone. While some believe that this day is the day of love, others don’t think love deserves just one day. Whatever the case may be, it’s celebrated every year when people do something special for their partner. We bring to you, five types of people on Valentine’s Day and what makes them different from each other :

  1. The PDA couples

These people invented the idea of Valentine’s Day. One day, they woke up beside their partner, and thought, why should they not tell the world about how much they love their partner, and invent a whole day, where others are forced to do the same too. Every year on 14th February, before they tell their partners how much they love them, a Facebook update conveying the same message is put up so the world can know, “okay, Raj is madly in love with Simran, so I should stop hitting on her.” And they’re just over each other on the day, like please, we get it, you love each other, you can stop now. Uh!

types of people on v day

  1. The anti-PDA couples

They are obviously my favorite kind of couples. As the name suggests, these couples are relationship goals. They don’t believe in PDA, so their celebration of Valentine’s Day is pretty low key, and more romantic. Both of them know how much they love each other, and they don’t believe in showing the world. And that doesn’t make them less romantic at all, just so you know. They’ll roam around in sweats, do cute things together and make you wish how cool it would be to have a relationship like that. All couples should be like them.

Types of people on v day

  1. The singles wanting to mingle

Every year there are these group of single people who get sad around Valentine’s Day. Now they really want to be loved and cared about, but they don’t have a girlfriend/boyfriend. You will always see them sulking on a social media site, feeling sad, posting memes about how they’ll be spending the day crying. They just need somebody to love, they don’t need too much, just somebody to love (got carried away there). On a serious note, they don’t give up on the idea of love, and believe somebody will make their Valentine’s Day special too. Never give up hope, you guys.

types of people on v day

  1. The “Valentine’s Day is stupid” club

These people are the ones who have no girlfriend/boyfriend to celebrate the day with, but they choose humour to cope up with their unhappiness. For example, this year, the “Valentine’s Day is stupid” club is sharing memes of how they’re waiting for 14th February to watch Deadpool and not for some lame day of love. They are single, but with grace. Some couples are also a part of this club, the people who do not believe in the uniqueness of the day. But mostly, it’s single people trying to hold it together for a day, finding happiness in their misery.

types of people on v day

  1. The singles not wanting to mingle

The coolest of them all, these people are happy to be single. They don’t even have a problem with others celebrating the day, and aren’t sad that they’re single. They chose that life, and are happy with having nothing to do that day. Some of them will probably come back home early and have dates with themselves, ordering food and drinking alone. The others may not even care whether it’s Valentine’s Day or not, it’s just a normal Sunday for them, and that is exactly what makes them the best of the lot.

types of people on v day


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