How To Respond To Flirty Messages

How To Respond To Flirty Messages

We’ve all been there. Getting messages from people over social media is not a new thing. Flirting has shifted it’s parameters to the digital world too. If you see your messages on Facebook or Instagram now, you’ll see how the ways of flirting have evolved. There are categories now. The ones who don’t know how to flirt, the ones who have a fair idea, and the ones who are absolute pros at doing that. In all cases, you need to be prepared. Here’s how to respond to flirty messages –

1. Sass
If you are a sassy little person who just loves to spread happiness around the world, use that sass to respond back to someone who flirts with you. Be the rudest person alive and show how you won’t be going down easily. They’ll either appreciate you being a total jerk to them, or stop talking to you completely to avoid being insulted all the time.

How To Respond To Flirty Messages

2. Ignorance
Another thing you could do is ignore the various boys/girls who are messaging you because you have a life that doesn’t involve them. Ignorance is bliss, if you don’t have that kind of time to give to strangers. Not every message needs a response, definitely not the ones you get from people you don’t even know. Leave them all at read.

How To Respond To Flirty Messages3. Funny
If you’re the funny one like Chandler Bing, use it to your advantage. Show case your talent on a platform where it’s either going to be appreciated or not understood. If the person who is flirting with you likes your humour, you can meet them in person, give yourself time to fall in love and prosper. Maybe this will be your digital age love story.

How To Respond To Flirty Messages

4. Dramatic
Who doesn’t love drama? If you’re among the dramatic ones, you have a very good opportunity here. Your friends refuse to handle your drama, so does your family. This is where you put years of being dramatic into use. Throw lines at them, even the ones they wouldn’t understand. They’ll either give up on the conversation or play along with you.

How To Respond To Flirty Messages

5. Flirt back
If you’re lonely or have been single since the the beginning of time, flirt back. But do it in a subtle way as you don’t want to come across as a desperate person. Flirt back like this might be your last chance to develop a connection with human beings and not TV shows. And who knows, you might get your soulmate. Never give up, you’re worthy of love.

How To Respond To Flirty Messages

Good luck handling the creeps, though.

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