Hilarious Twitter Reactions To WhatsApp Update

Hilarious Twitter Reactions To WhatsApp Update

WhatsApp just added a stories feature to the new update, and nobody is happy about it. Instagram got a lot of flak for copying Snapchat and now, WhatsApp joins the bandwagon. Gone are the days of “Hey there! I’m on WhatsApp” and we’re all crying. We knew 2017 was going to be worse than 2016. At least with Snapchat, our family wouldn’t know what our Saturday night plan looks like. You can’t even put meaningful lyrics to the song you love as your status because WhatsApp wants to be everything we already have. Within minutes, people lost their chill as Twitter exploded with sobs asking to give them back the privilege of using the old WhatsApp. Coping with their disappointment, many jokes and memes were made honoring the older version and criticizing the new one. Here’s some of the hilarious Twitter reactions to WhatsApp update –


2. Times are a changin’ 

3. Accurate. 

4. Yes Mark. 

5. Those were easier times. 

6. Tatti update. 

7. Wish WhatsApp could work on that. 

8. We will find you and kill you. 

9. Did you think about that Mark?

10. Yeh bik gayi hai WhatsApp. 



We miss you old WhatsApp, come back!

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