Why You Need Cousins

Why You Need Cousins

Cousin brothers and sisters are a blessing, especially to the desis. When you get tired of hanging around with your siblings and friends, you always have a backup option with the cousins. They aren’t annoying like your siblings and don’t have huge expectations like your friends. They’re very chill at being family. Here’s why you need cousins –

1. You only get to see cousins once in six months, sometimes more than that. They’re not like your siblings who are constantly on your head, just pissing you off as they take another breath.

2. Cousins don’t pretend to like you nor do you pretend to like them. If you don’t like a cousin, you don’t hangout with them. The same cannot be true in the case of siblings of course.

Why You Need Cousins

3. Cousins are always up for adventures. To hangout with them, you don’t have to make three PowerPoint presentations and start planning a decade before the plan has to be implemented.

4. You can always count on cousins when it comes to having fun. You meet them rarely but when you do, you all have a gala of a time. You don’t see them every week which is nice.

Why You Need Cousins

5. Everyone knows the fact that siblings aren’t the best things to happen to human beings. When you need a break from their drama you have cousins who make you feel happy.

6. At every wedding, your cousin gang keeps you entertained amidst all the adults and the society norms that are forced on you. All of you just keep judging everyone and dancing.

Why You Need Cousins

7. Cousins, unlike your friends are not complicated. You don’t have to constantly please them and wonder what’s happening to them when they start acting up. There’s no drama.

8. With cousin brothers and sisters, you always have this extended family that knows you but doesn’t try to get too much into your business. It’s like an ideal family relationship.

Why You Need Cousins

9. Every once in a while when you need a break from life but all your friends are busy and you don’t want to go with your sibling, at least one of your cousins will be free.

10. With cousins, things are very chill. They can be your family when you need them or your friends when you want to have fun. They can be anyone you want them to be in your life.

Why You Need Cousins

Cousins are the best.

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