Gearing Up For A Chic Summer

Gearing Up For A Chic Summer

If you take away the mangoes from Summer, there wouldn’t be anything left to love it for. The most dreaded season of the year is here. Summers are the Mondays of seasons, nobody likes them, but everyone has to face them. Tolerating this season for four months straight is a big task in itself. But, you can do it. You can survive the evil Summer season. ¬†You managed to look flawless the whole year so far, why give up just because it’s summer? Following are some pointers on gearing up for a chic summer –

1. The right clothes
Clothes are all about physics. When it’s too hot outside to even wear anything at all, you need to figure out a way of being cool in this climate. Shorts and tank tops are an obvious option. You won’t get a better opportunity to show off your summer body better than now. Wearing light coloured clothes not only make you feel less hot, but add a certain charm to the way you look. With some changes in the way you dress, you can have a chill summer.

Gearing Up For A Chic Summer

2. The right make up
Sweating is an integral phenomenon of the Summer season. With the sun above your head all the time, With the rise in temperature comes sweat spoiling all your expensive make up. Now is the time you play smart and don’t end up looking like a mess every time you travel. Minimal makeup is the key. Don’t over do it, and always carry it wherever you go for a touch up whenever you need it. Using Kajal that doesn’t wear off easily can help your eyes look beautiful effortlessly.

Gearing Up For A Chic Summer

3. The right accessories
There are certain things that you need to take out of hiding as soon as summer sets on your part of the world. Sunglasses are an absolute requirement in this season. You’re eyes are protected by the sun and you can do your window shopping without looking like a fool. Multiple benefits, eh! You also need a cool bag to carry all the necessities that protect you from the weather. You need a scarf to protect your pretty face from the dust and heat.

Gearing Up For A Chic Summer

4. The right products
You can’t use your cold creams the whole year. Sunscreen is a must have product that you should be carrying with you all the time. You don’t want to be looking tan after the summer is over. Carrying a body spray will ensure that you smell great the whole time you’re out. Face wipes and tissue papers to wipe off the sweat and make you feel fresh is needed. Keeping the right products with you all the time makes Summer a little less irritating than it usually is.

Gearing Up For A Chic Summer

You do you, gorgeous!

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