Thor: Ragnarok Trailer

Thor: Ragnarok Trailer Makes It Difficult To Wait For The Movie

Marvel Cinematic Universe has always been surprising us with some brilliant movies of our favourite Marvel comics characters. After Doctor Strange, Thor: Ragnarok is awaited by the fans as it’s all going to eventually build up the last two installments, the two Infinity Stones movies. And with the Thor: Ragnarok trailer, our excitement is at peak.

Thor: Ragnarok Trailer

The post credit scene of Doctor Strange saw Thor sharing drinks with Strange, discussing about how he needs Strange’s help to find Odin so he can return back to Asgard with Loki. This was a clear indication that Thor: Ragnarok is going to be all about Thor trying to protect his people and save them from a villainous character.

Thor: Ragnarok Trailer

The trailer for the next installment of the Thor series just dropped in yesterday, and oh my god we’re going to have the time of our lives watching the movie! The trailer begins with a complete destruction of our hopes when Hela (played by Cate Blanchett) breaks Thor’s mighty hammer with her hand. That’s right. Shit goes downhill from here when Thor is captured by Valkyrie (played by Tessa Thompson). She takes him to Grandmaster who throws the now short-haired Thor into a gladiatorial combat.

Thor: Ragnarok Trailer

And who is Thor’s opponent, you ask. Well, take a guess. The incredible Hulk wearing his shield and helmet enters the fighting arena. This makes Thor happy, thinking how Hulk is a friend and they wouldn’t have to fight at all. Honestly Thor, don’t you know Hulk?

Thor: Ragnarok Trailer

The trailer is a promise of all the action-packed drama we’re going to witness very soon. Thor: Ragnarok will see the two brothers unite to fight Hela, the whole of Asgard protecting itself from this really powerful antagonist and a fight between the Mighty Thor and the Incredible Hulk.

Thor: Ragnarok Trailer

Can you wait? Nobody can. Watch the trailer below.

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