If Weekdays Were People

If Weekdays Were People

Congratulations, you’ve made it to another week. Welcome to a new week that is full of responsibilities you never asked for, jobs you need to do to survive in this world and pay bills instead of treating yourself. Out of the seven days of a week, Saturday and Sunday are the only cool days. The other days, also called as the weekdays, absolutely suck. But, some are better than the others. Have you ever wondered what would happen if weekdays were people? Here’s how they would be –

1. Monday
Monday would be like the colleague who everyone absolutely hates but can’t do anything about it. At every event, they are uninvited but still show up to annoy every person, just like the weekday itself. Mondays are also not great at being interesting. If a person was Monday, they would be annoying and boring all the time.

If Weekdays Were People

2. Tuesday
If Tuesday was a person, they would be just like Monday but less hated. They would be like that person who are less annoying when compared to the other, so you make your peace with them. Things could literally be worse but they aren’t. But that doesn’t mean you would like them. If you were given an option, you wouldn’t chill with them.

If Weekdays Were People

3. Wednesday
Wednesday would be a moderate person like that colleague in office who doesn’t participate too much. They just sit there, existing. Nobody hates them, nobody loves them. But you wouldn’t hate their company at all. They are pretty chill once you get to know them because they are always full of hope. You would like Wednesday.

If Weekdays Were People

4. Thursday
Thursday as a person who be very likeable. They would be that person who everyone chills with because they are always full of positivity. They’re not as chill as Friday but they are good enough. If you go out with them, you wouldn’t have a bad time. You would enjoy each moment. But yes, they could be better like the day that follows them.

If Weekdays Were People

5. Friday

Needless to say, Friday as a person would be the most chill of the lot. Every night, this person who goes to parties and intoxicate themselves without any limits. Everybody would love to be around them because they are chill, easy-going, funny and most importantly, the best part of everyone. Friday would be a crowd-puller.

If Weekdays Were People

This is how it would be if weekdays were people. Which one are you?

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