Why Priyanka Chopra is a blessing to mankind

Why Priyanka Chopra is a blessing to mankind

From being the highest earning Bollywood actress to becoming a global icon within months, Priyanka Chopra is what the world is talking about right now. The epitome of wit and beauty that she is, Priyanka has always broken stereotypes. Firstly, she proved that you don’t need a big name to make it big in the film industry. Then, she proved that you don’t need to be a man to survive in this industry. And then, she proved that you don’t necessarily have to stick to what you’ve been doing. Get out and explore yourself to the fullest is what that woman has preached and practiced.

Today, Priyanka Chopra is a household name in the United States of America. Quantico was her full-fledged debut on the American television, after which she’s all set to kick-start her film career at Hollywood with Dwayne Johnson starrer Baywatch. Every co-actor she’s worked with is all praise for the mesmerising actress and with every step she takes, she’s making us all proud.

1. The Emmy Twirl

What would you do at The Emmys if you were to present an award with dreamy Tom Hiddleston? Not Priyanka Chopra. Like every teenage girl, she was too busy feeling special in her chiffon red gown that was made for her. At the red carpet of television’s biggest celebration, Priyanka twirled to show the world how beautiful her gown is and how awesome she feels wearing it. Just wanted to let you know Priyanka that we’d all do the same is we were you.

Why Priyanka Chopra is a blessing to mankind

2. The Oscar Dream

India has had a dream to be associated with Oscars from a long time. And why shouldn’t we? After all, it’s only the highest degree of accolade a movie can receive. Every actor dreams of being at The Academy Awards and this year, Priyanka’s dream came true. Dressed as a princess in white, sizzling the red carpet, our Desi Girl presented the Academy Awards as well. And with the pace she’s making her way into Hollywood, we’re sure she’ll be nominated in the best actress category at the Oscars for a movie, as we all know what a phenomenal actress she is.

Why Priyanka Chopra is a blessing to mankind

3. The Unapologetic Woman

Priyanka has never felt the need to have a man in life, as she has clearly stated in all of her interviews. She’s a self-made modern woman who lives her life on her own terms, and nobody can take that from her. She’s bold, fierce and unapologetic when it comes to being a woman. Time and again she has proved how women are not the weaker section of the society and if given the opportunity, can be the best version of themselves. Priyanka Chopra’s own life is nothing short of an inspiration, and she’s always pointed out that instead of counting our flaws, we should wear them as a badge of honour.

Why Priyanka Chopra is a blessing to mankind

4. The Actress Priyanka

Be it Kashibai of Bajirao Mastani or Alex Parrish from Quantico, the woman has always given us reasons to love and adore her more and more. The bundle of talent that she is, her acting prowess cannot be doubted even for one second. Playing the second lead in Bajirao Mastani, you cannot deny that the minute she came on screen, she owned the damn place overshadowing everyone else in the frame, even Deepika Padukone. Her portrayal of Bajirao’s first wife Kashibai earned her the Best Actress in a supporting role at the Filmfare Awards. We hope we get to see more and more of this gorgeous human being whose name is going to resonate for years to come.

Why Priyanka Chopra is a blessing to mankind
You slay, Priyanka!

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