Living alone is awesome

Why living alone is awesome

1. Your food = Your food

The best thing about living alone is that you don’t have to share food with anyone else. Your food, is your food, period. Many a times we just share food halfheartedly and secretly wish that the person doesn’t ask for it the second time. And we start hating them if they do, because food was not made to be shared. When living alone, you can gobble up the whole packet of chips without caring about anyone at all.

Living alone is awesome


2. Wearing what you want to

We wear clothes, because we have to. Not because we want to. If living alone, you can roam around in anything with no one around to judge you. Sweatpants, underpants, nothing at all, depending on what you want to wear or not wear, nobody is there to give a damn about it. Such are the heavenly perks of living alone.

Living alone is awesome


3. Bathroom time

Bathroom time can be as long as a century. When living with people, you cannot take a lot of time in the bathroom as everyone requires it. But when living alone, you can take as long as you want to without anyone asking “what have you been doing for an hour?” or someone yelling “come out fast!” because it is yours. Bathroom is a place where most of the life decisions take place, and someone interrupting with it, is a complete no no. And who does not love singing in the shower!

Living alone is awesome


4. Singing out loud

This is what everyone does when alone. Everyone has a singer within oneself, it may be bad, it may be good, but it exists. Around people, you obviously cannot let others know how weird you sound when you sing, it may be deafening. But with no one around, you can sing as loud as you want to, without worrying about judgmental eye rolls, and secret videos of you. This is exactly why we should get an apartment for ourselves.

Living alone is awesome


5. Television is yours

Binge watching Sex and The City for 12 hours straight, because why not! You own that damn place and you can do whatever you want, even if that means repeating Jon Snow’s death scene and crying out loud, or watching Samantha Jones scaring the shit out of people. You don’t have to share your television with anyone, nor do you have to lower the volume because it disturbs other people. If that is what you want to do all day, you do it all day.

Living alone is awesome 

So when are you getting an apartment for yourself?

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