types of people on holi

Types of people on holi


You know this type, also known as extroverts. The people belonging to this type are excited about almost anything, so Holi is just an excuse to be out, with colours. They are the people who will wake up at 5 am and start making preparations for the day, like making water balloons, gathering all the colours (especially the ones that take forever to leave your skin) and making arrangements for bhang. The whole burden of celebrating the festival is on their shoulders, well that’s what they think.

types of people on holi

2. It’s Holi, ew!

The exact opposites of the first kind, also known as introverts, bring down the entire energy level created by the extroverts. They’re not really happy when it’s time for March, because March comes with Holi. The idea of getting wet with different colours on the skin somehow doesn’t seem appealing to them, so you’ll see them at home watching television all day, judging people on the streets. How to spot one : the one person that’s shiny while everyone else is pink for a whole week, yep that’s the one.

types of people on holi

3. Allergic to colours, sorry!

They are like the introverts, just liars. They will never accept the fact that they hate holi, but make excuses for not playing. And the most common one is “I’m allergic to colours”, you know I’m right, every group has that one person who says this every year. The truth is, they don’t like holi at all, but just to not be a spoil sport or get criticized by everyone, they say things like this. Point of lying is that “hey, I would love to play holi but my skin gets burned, so can’t”, so that people believe they have medical reasons to not play holi, but in reality, just cold-faced liars.

Types of people on holi

4. Irritating kids

Kids at the age of 7 to 13 are not children, they are the work of evil. And during holi, they go crazy to the highest extent. Nobody knows exactly what about holi gets them so electrified, and there’s no calming them down that day. From waking up early in the morning to make water balloons to throwing them at everyone who passes by, there’s no stopping them at all. You just go down to get something, you come back looking like a hippie. And who made you look like that? Kids who have no chill. Like seriously kids, play with people your own age.

Types of people on holi

5. Irritating relatives

Has it ever happened to you that you come back at home after hours of playing holi and go straight to the bathroom and have a bath, but when you come out, some relative you don’t even know throws some gulaal at your face and wishes Happy Holi, and you’re just standing there wondering if they’re blind or what? This is common to everyone. Relatives were sent to people’s lives just to create a havoc and complicate things, and there’s nothing special about holi, they’ll do what they were sent to do even on that day. Can you not? Please?

types of people on holi


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