Pokemon Go APK file

The Pokemon Go Starter Pack

As of today, two categories of people exist. One, is the Pokemon Go addicts who you see wandering around on the street with phones in their hand. You’ll see them walk, suddenly stop, walk again and stand outside temples. The second category of people who are sick and tired of hearing about this game Pokemon Go, because there’s absolutely no escape. The world has come under the maddening influence of this one game which has surpassed all records within days of release. If you belong to the second category, this is to enlighten you. After hearing about it from almost everyone, you have given downloading the game a thought. Don’t lie, you have. Just in case you were wondering how, we bring to you The Pokemon Go Starter Pack. Read through and decide.

1. Power Bank(s)

Because just one is not enough. If you’re planning to download the game, make sure you buy at least 10 power banks, because that game is going to drain you battery way faster than Snapchat or any other app that has ever existed. Staying near the charging point the whole day isn’t helping you here, as the whole point of the game is to get your lazy a** outside. Don’t even think about playing the game with 50% battery. You’ll be wasting your time.

Pokemon Go APK file

2. Patience

Playing Pokemon Go is no cakewalk, and the statement is backed with a first hand experience. The official game is not available on Play store as yet, which is why people have been downloading an apk file. It comes with a cost. The file / its updated version / another version are all filled with bugs. You cannot go playing for 20 minutes without your phone hanging. There’ll be a stage where you’ll want to throw away your phone and commit suicide. Hang in there buddy, good things never come easy.

Pokemon Go APK file

3. Pokewalk Buddy

The most important of all is a Pokewalk Buddy. You must must must have one for a better game experience. For all those of you who don’t know what this gem of a person’s job is, they’re basically people who willingly roam around with you in search of Pokemons so you don’t end up looking like the only maniac in public. When you’re driving, they catch Pokemons for both you and themselves, which is why certain skills are required for someone to be a Pokewalk Buddy. They should be quick, helpful and completely free all the time.

Pokemon Go APK file

4. Calm Mind

The only reason you need a calm mind before downloading the game are the amazing homo sapiens you have in your life called friends. Their soul purpose of existence is to make you feel inferior, even in the game. Their heroic deeds of catching Pikachu will be all over your social media while you’re just struggling there to cross level 4. There will be days when y’all are out pokehunting, when they’ll find millions of Pokemon and you’re standing there waiting for your phone to co-operate. Don’t get jealous, your time will come.

Pokemon Go APK file

5. 10G Internet speed

Maybe more than that.

Pokemon Go is like you when you’re hungry, nothing in the world can sustain it. It consumes more than half the MB of data in your phone, more than any other app. I’m not even going to discuss playing the game with 2G here because it’s not 2006 anymore. All you people playing on 3G, I feel your pain guys. But don’t feel too bad for yourself, people with 4G aren’t doing any better as well. Let’s hope the game comes out soon on Play store, maybe that will help us.

Pokemon Go APK file

6. Money in the bank

The only thing that’ll come out of playing the game all day is bills. What, did you think it’s for free? Your phone bills / prepaid recharge is going to make you homeless and broke unless you have some money kept aside for it. If you don’t want to die of heart attack when your bill arrives, make sure you’ve earned enough before installing the game. All the petrol you waste all day searching for Pokemon, the snack break that you take while Pokehunting, they’re not free.  

Pokemon Go APK file

7. The gift of sight

In India, there’s only one direction (not the band, guys) a vehicle doesn’t come from, and that’s above. While playing Pokemon Go, make sure all your senses are working, especially the eyes. You need to be alert of your surrounding, like the game says. If not the vehicles, the potholes will get you.If not the potholes, an a**shole with an open umbrella will march right through your eye. Do you really want your tombstone to say “died while playing Pokemon Go”? No you don’t. Stay safe.

Pokemon Go APK file

Now that you know what you need, you can find the link to download the apk file below. Install it on your phone and be a part of Pokemon Go conversations. Happy Pokehunting to you!

Pikachu kidhar milega?

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