Never be sorry

Things you should never be sorry for

1. Being happy

Your happiness before everything else, that’s the kind of idea you should believe in. Just because something you are happy about makes the other person sad, you don’t owe an apology to anybody. And always remember, the people who are sad seeing you happy are people you don’t need in your life. Your happiness is in your own hands, only you know what is going to make you happy, and nothing should come between you and your happiness. 

Never be sorry

2. Not loving someone back

There comes a situation in everyone’s life where they don’t feel a thing for someone who wears their heart on the sleeve for them. And of course you’re going to feel bad, wishing you loved them back, but you don’t. While it’s good to be loved by someone, not loving the person back is not a sin. It’s simple, you don’t love someone, you don’t have to be sorry for that. 

Never be sorry

3. Speaking your mind

You like it, you don’t like it, giving your true honest opinion about something is never wrong. Saying what you believe in and standing by it takes courage. No matter how difficult the truth may sound, or how hard your opinion may hit someone, being honest is never something to be ashamed about, nor is it something to apologize for. People who come to you for advice must be able to handle what you have to say.

Never be sorry

4. Your choices

Taking life decisions or choosing your own path to anything that makes you feel good about yourself is never wrong. Believing in yourself is not a risk. Whenever you are in a position where you have to choose between two things, always choose what makes you happy, and not what others expect of you. In the end, your choices are the only things that are going to make a difference. Be good, do good, and don’t be sorry for your choices.

Never be sorry

5. Being yourself

Loud, shy, introvert, extrovert, talkative, whatever you are, you are. Nobody can change you except yourself. And if you don’t want to change, there’s nothing wrong with that too. You should never apologize for who you are, because that defines you. Be proud of the masterpiece that you are, nobody can be you better than you. Living life on your own terms is the best gift you can give to yourself.

Never be sorry

Sorry not sorry.

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