World Book Night

Things You Need To Celebrate World Book Night

Reading is a lost habit that people of this time seem to have forgotten. And no, I’m not talking about Kindle or reading online/on the phone. I’m talking about old school reading that involved borrowing books from the library or buying them. How good were those days? The fresh smell of a new book enticing our minds is what reading truly means. Today being the world book night, take a little time out of your busy schedule and dedicate it to a story. Here are things you need to celebrate world book night –

1. Food
Food is one thing that goes well with all activities. So when it comes to reading, you obviously have to think about what you’re going to eat. Pizza is a book’s best friend. Order a pizza for yourself, along with chips so that when the pizza gets over, you have the latter to give you company through the whole night.

World Book Night

2. Wine
What are you going to pair your food with? Wine is a drink that goes with everything. Tonight is the night you should feel fancy. Pour your favourite glass of red or white while and sip it with each page, while munching your pizza. If you’re not a drinker, go for a fancy mocktail or just fresh lime soda to keep you busy.

World Book Night

3. Cosy couch
When reading, it is very important to be seated in a good place. You can’t be uncomfortable, shifting all the time to lie relaxed. You need a good, cosy couch that satisfies the needs of all your limbs. Only that can you have an enhanced reading experience. Or just a mattress beside the window, with stars above.

World Book Night

4. Comfort clothes
Slip into your PJs, wear a loose t-shirt and you’re ready to read a book. Unless you’re comfortable, the book won’t have your whole attention. Imagine wearing jeans and feeling the need to move your leg multiple times. Why would you want to pay attention to jeans when there’s a good story lying right in front of you.

World Book Night

5. A good book
And lastly, the most important of all is a good book. You know which genre you like the best. Search the best books in that genre, go to a nearby library and rent that book. Nothing is better than reading a story that transports you to another world. A good book is what you need on all days.

World Book Night

Happy World Book Night, y’all!

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