Stuck Between Couples

What To Do When You Are Stuck Between Couples

You don’t know what pain is if you have never been involuntarily stuck between couples. The whole scenario gets worse in two situations. One is when the couple is extra shady, all over each other, making it awkward for all those around. And the second scenario is when you’ve been single since evolution and see people around you all happy in a relationship. Being stuck between couples is perhaps the worst thing to happen to a person. There are no perks at all, just a lot of problems that you have to face all alone. When you are an intelligent person,┬áthe stupidity starts getting on your nerve immediately. But don’t worry, what are we, your friends for?┬áThis is what you need to do when you are stuck between couples –

1. Make them fight
If you’re someone who loves the drama, just ignite the fire between the two oh-so-happy-in-love couple and watch how the whole place burns down. Just take one of their ex’s name and your job is done. Sit back, grab some popcorn and watch them pull each other’s hair apart.

Stuck Between Couples

2. Order till you die
You know those couples who force you to come and hang out with them, probably at a restaurant, promising that they won’t ignore you but end up doing that anyway? This is how you take revenge on them. Order food like it’s your last day on earth and leave right before the bill arrives.

Stuck Between Couples

3. Interrupt them
When stuck between couples, why sit in the corner like a loner or a lost baby? Have some single fun of your own because you deserve it. Each time you see them leaning in to be upon one another, get in between. Ask the dumbest questions and keep repeating till they don’t send you away.

Stuck Between Couples

You’re welcome, homie!

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