Living with a Sindhi roommate

Living with a Sindhi roommate

We have all stereotyped Sindhis a lot and it’s time we cleared them out. They are nothing like we ever imagined. Sindhis are more than Sindhi curry and money talks, something which you’ll only realize when you live with one. Here’s what it’s like to be living with a Sindhi roommate.

1. “Ani” factor

Although it may seen like every surname that has the suffix “ani” belongs to the Sindhi community, they do not. That would make Joey Tribbiani a Sindhi, so it’s clearly not the case. Every time you bring this up with your Sindhi roommate, they get irritated with your sheer ignorance and provide you with many instances where not every “ani” is a Sindhi. They’ll make sure that this notion in your mind disappears as it makes absolutely no sense.

Living with a Sindhi roommate

2. Papad

Another stereotype surrounding Sindhis is their love for papad. People think papads are the staple food of every Sindhi, something you have heard growing up. If you’ve ever had Sindhi friends, you would know how that’s not true at all. If not, you’ll get to know that when you start living with one. Every once in awhile you approach them with papad and they have given you that “kindly disappear” look. Who doesn’t like papad anyway?

Living with a Sindhi roommate

3. Food

Everyone has heard about the delicious Sindhi Kadi, but there’s more to the Sindhi cuisine than we think. Koki, Dal Pakwan, Dodoh, Bori Kutti, Sathpura Phulko and many many more dishes are a part of Sindhi culture. When you live with a Sindhi roommate, you’ll realize how most of the delicacies are not known to others. Sindhi Kadi is no doubt delicious, but there’s better dishes that will make every foodie go crazy.

Living with a Sindhi roommate

4. Love for bling

Sindhis are renowned for donning shimmery shining clothes, jewelleries and other things which match their aura. Whenever you want to gift them something, you make sure it’s shiny and blingy. This may not stand true to all but most Sindhis do love the bling. While others may be too hesitant to wear bling, Sindhi’s effortlessly carry it off like they were made for this thing. You won’t go wrong in gifting your Sindhi roommate something blingy.

Living with a Sindhi roommate

5. Complex all day long

Sindhis are one of the most gorgeous group of people in the world. If you have Sindhi friends, at one point of time you definitely had a crush on them. When you live with one, most of your time is spent on how do they manage to look flawless every damn time. You start considering yourself ugly because living with someone so beautiful can break even the most confident of people. You know there’s no use of asking their secret to pretty skin as it’s all in the genes.

Living with a Sindhi roommate

6. People

They may seem arrogant upfront, but Sindhis are one of the most kind-hearted people in the world. They have the best taste in everything, so you always have a shopping partner. Once you befriend a Sindhi, you have made a friend for life. Even if you need them at 3 am in the night, they’ll be there giving you a shoulder to cry on. Many Sindhis are a part of our life and we appreciate them like no other. Thank you guys.

Living with a Sindhi roommate

Adeee Sai!


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