Signs That You Like To Be Alone

Signs That You Like To Be Alone

People who are alone on choice don’t really need anyone to make them happy. They like to spend quality time with self instead of engaging in a social activity that requires a lot of energy. They’re not weirdos or loners, they’re just people who are too intelligent to mingle with each and everyone. If you don’t know whether you’re one of them, following are the signs that you like to be alone.

  1. Every time you see someone you know at a public place, college or work, you pretend you didn’t see them and try to hide your face as fast as you can.
  2. When someone approaches you when you’re listening to songs, you make no effort to remove the earphones and listen to them even when you can clearly hear they said something to you.
  3. You idea of a perfect weekend is watching Game of Thrones with pizza and wine on the side table.
  4. Whenever there’s a plan being discussed on a WhatsApp group, you don’t go online for a long time as you don’t plan on going out with people.
  5. You are friends with people who don’t demand to see you everyday and know you well. You gel with them as they are like you.
  6. You’ve been to lunch and movies alone because it’s one of the most underestimated feelings in the world.
  7. You have limited friends because even at parties, where you are supposed to mingle and socialize, you like to stand at the bar drinking beers.
  8. Your contact list is limited as you’ve never really spoken to other people you meet, let alone taking their numbers.
  9. You really appreciate silence and are immediately repelled from people who talk a lot or are very friendly.
  10. There’s always this one person you loathe because they just never get the signal that you’re not interested in small talk at all.
  11. People think you’re kind of a loner who dislikes human beings but your DGAF attitude has never made you want to worry about their opinions.
  12. People who are really close to you respect your space and don’t try to communicate when you need your silence.
  13. When you feel like not being alone, you remember how the last time you were with people and it sucked so you get over that feeling quickly.
  14. When you’re going through a tough time where you don’t want to be alone, your friends make sure they’re there for you.
  15. You like to stay alone because you have the ability to entertain yourself and don’t need to be dependent on anyone for having fun.

You are amazing.


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