Living With A Marwari Roommate

Living With A Marwari Roommate

Hailing from the land of palaces and scrumptious cuisine, Marwaris are beautiful people that are a huge part of our lives. We all know at least one Marwari who is a friend, but it gets even better when you live with them. Find out what it’s like to be living with a Marwari roommate.

1. Food

The very first thing that comes to mind when we talk about Marwaris is their toothsome cuisine that is what heaven must be made of. Gatte Ki Sabzi, Daal Baati Churma, Ker Sangri, Rajasthani Kadhi, Gujiya, Ghewar, Baalushahi are delicacies we would all die for. Your Marwari roommates are literally good for nothing as their lazy asses wouldn’t get up to make these for you. But you can always have these amazing dishes when their mothers visit. Once in a blue moon your roommates would cook for you, but don’t get used to it because it’s not going to happen too often.

Living With A Marwari Roommate

2. Beejnes

If you ever have a midlife crisis not knowing what to do in life, trust your Marwari roommate to come up with a solution that is the answer to everything for them. Marwaris may be doctors, engineers, chefs and other professionals but their long term plans always include “baad mein toh business hi karna hai.” They have it sorted in their minds and always want to pass on this thinking to everyone they know. Whenever you don’t know what your career is going to be like, they’ll tell you why you should stop worrying about these petty things and start with planning a business empire.

Living With A Marwari Roommate

3. Marwari weddings

Hands down, Marwari weddings are a foodies paradise. From chaats to desserts, you can never have everything because of the variety and quality of food. Until your Marwari roommate happened to you, you were oblivious to this fact. But once they took you to a wedding of their people, you have been a fan ever since. You always keep asking them if anyone they know is getting married (who’s a Marwari, obviously) and secretly wish they get married sooner because that would mean you could hog as much as you want without worrying about people judging you. Yaar ki shaadi hai bro.

Living With A Marwari Roommate

4. Bargaining Skills

Shopping is fun and cheap on the pocket when it’s with a Marwari. Famous for the phrase “Kanjoos Marwari“, they’re not literally that. They’re very economical and smart people who don’t spend money like us fools on everything that’s not worthy. Whenever you want to go shopping, you always take your roommate along because he/she would know the exact thing to say without feeling shy. They would get you stuff for the best price and thanks to their good eye at everything, they’ll always get quality things for cheap. Aren’t they just the best?

Living With A Marwari Roommate

5. Best snacks

You ever wonder where does all the bhujia, gujiya, kachori and vada come from? That’s right, the land of Marwaris. Whenever you’re going out for a one day picnic, or you need some chakna for a house party, or just anywhere that’s going to take the entire day, your Marwari roommates usually suggest keeping bhujia for snacking. Initially you do make fun of them, but by the end of the day, that’s what you survive on. Alcohol goes best with aloo bhujia, a combination that is truly appreciated everywhere. Having a Marwari roommate means lifetime supply of delicious snacks that make sure you’re never hungry, anytime, anywhere.

Living With A Marwari Roommate

6. People

As established before, they are the laziest people you’ll ever come across. You cannot make them move around a lot as they detest doing a lot of work. When it comes to having fun, nobody can beat the amount of energy they have. They add that desi tadka to every party, and every conversation with them is like watching Russell Peters doing a live show. You can never get bored with them for they always have fun stories and gossips to entertain with you. And best of all, they become your friends for life when you start getting to know them.

Living With A Marwari Roommate

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