The Art Of Throwing A House Party

The Art Of Throwing A House Party

With the festive season approaching and the effects of demonetization, there’s no option left but to plan a house party. Everyone knows it’s cheap on the pocket and you have twice the fun than you would have somewhere out. Everything is so expensive during Christmas and New Years, which is why this is the safest option. However, like everything, there goes a lot of planning in order to have a rocking party with your squad. Following are the things you need to keep in mind for throwing a house party –

1. Food
Nobody comes to parties to stand and stare. Dancing is definitely one of the main aspects of a party, but if there’s anything more important than that, it is food. You need to make sure everyone is eating properly and not just drinking as that can lead to a lot of cleaning up next morning. You need to make available a lot of snacks so that people have something to munch on regularly.

2. Alcohol
There’s no house party without alcohol. If you’re calling someone to your home to have fun, it is automatically implied that you’ll be providing them with alcohol. Make sure you ask everyone’s preferences and get alcohol according to that. There’ll always be this one guy who thinks his capacity is more than it really is, so get extra for him/her and watch his/her loser face as he won’t be able to finish it all.

3. Music
Perhaps the most important thing that you need to take care about is music. Let me tell you the course of music at every house party. It starts with some dope EDM music where everyone pretends to be in a music video. Slowly it shifts to some current Bollywood hits and then, it’s just downright cheesy 80s music with moves that could put item girls to shame. You need to have all these on your playlist or it just doesn’t work at all.

4. Charged Phone
You can see the most real and crazy versions of people at a house party. Their crush isn’t watching them, strangers aren’t watching them and they’re at a place they feel comfortable in. Once the alcohol kicks in, they have no levels. You need a charged phone to be able to record all this craziness and send videos the next day on your group and make fun of them. A successful house party has all the proofs of people going insane in it.

5. Awesome squad
If you’re squad doesn’t start acting stupid after two drinks, you don’t have a squad. No matter what the capacity of a person is, that first sip of alcohol is enough to bring out their true selves which can only happen if you’re surrounded with the most insane yet awesome people. Your squad needs to be comfortable with each other to have a great time. If you have people who bring out your craziest self, you are lucky.

Let the fun commence.

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