Things People Remove Frustration On

Things People Remove Frustration On

Being angry at someone or something is the most natural feeling of all. We’ve all been there. However, the worst part is when you cannot do anything about it. Instead of venting your anger, you’re forced to accumulated all those feelings. It has to come out somewhere, and what’s better than things that won’t respond back? Following are things people remove frustration on, which are common to every human being.

  1. Taking part in fights that are not even related to them.
  2. Pushing and pinching people in public transports and fighting again.
  3. On the remote control when it doesn’t work. The activity can range from banging it on the floor or throwing it to a parallel universe.
  4. Slamming the room or car doors when they have so much to say to a person they’re arguing with.
  5. Mobile phone screen when the device decides to automatically switch to “I don’t feel like working today” mode.
  6. On the keyboard when the desktop freezes, and they know it’s only going to make it worse but there’s no cure to frustration.
  7. On the phone keyboard while having an argument with someone over texts.
  8. In the comment section of Facebook pages on topics that doesn’t even matter.
  9. On boyfriends/girlfriends over menial issues that are just a way of removing frustration.
  10. On a stack of clothes that refuse to go inside the wardrobe, especially when they’re late.
  11. Gear box of the car while driving when late for work or fighting with someone.
  12. On pedestrians by cursing them, when they cross the road just when the signal goes green.
  13. On innocent friends who don’t say anything, and then regret for being incredibly rude.
  14. On the government for everything, from potholes to personal problems.
  15. On their parents for giving them birth against their will, introducing them to this evil world.
  16. On the floor while pressing the foot too hard on the ground when angry but can’t do anything about it.
  17. Directly at a stranger by pushing then when they walk too slowly.
  18. At the wall by throwing things even though they know nothing good will be coming out of it.
  19. On oneself by slapping on each cheek as a punishment for being too foolish.
  20. On electrical appliances by throwing them in the air and immediately regretting the decision because that was a useful appliance.

What do you remove frustration on?

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