Obama and Biden

Obama and Biden, A Better Love Story Than Twilight

God Bless The Internet!

Barack Obama’s tenure as the President of the United States is about to end in January 2017 and Joe Biden, the Vice President will be gone with his beloved President. On 8th November, America chose Donald trump as their newly elected President instead of Hillary Clinton which hasn’t gone down well with half of the population of America and the world. The condition of USA in the hands of Trump will only be seen with time, and we’re not kidding, it looks like a storm is about to come. While we’re all still in shock as to how someone with absolutely no political background defeat Hillary Clinton’s expertise, the Americans have found a way to give the Election 2016 a break. With a series of memes of what appears to be how Joe Biden is discussing ways to take down Donald Trump, the following not-so-real conversation between the POTUS and Vice POTUS are hilarious. Enjoy.

1. No TV for Trump.

2. How dare he sit where you sat?

3. Friendship goals.

4. Not easy for Joe to leave. 

5. No, Joe. 

6. Let’s destroy the House before Trump.

7. Joe’s revenge continues. 

8. Rump still doesn’t sound better than you, Obama. 

9. The world needs you Mr. President. 


11. That’s funny, Joe. 

12. Trump triggered. 

13. Yes, it’s Biden. 

14. It’s not even funny anymore. 

15. Joe for President`

You’re not our President but we’ll miss you Obama!

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